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Bourassa Inquiry Exhibits
N-1995-009: 0001 · Item · 1989
Part of John Bayly fonds

Bourassa Inquiry Exhibits. - 1989-1990. - 14 cm. (10 folders 3-7 to 4-4), 1 videocassette, 1 audio cassette. The exhibits also include a videocassette [item # :0001], an audiocassette recording [item # :0002] and transcripts of a Dec. 21, 1989 press conference and following public meeting held by Justice Minister Michael Ballantyne.

Nahanni Butte
N-2002-004: 0001 · Item · [196-?]
Part of Kraus family fonds

[Betacam copy (archival master) of the original 16mm colour film entitled "Nahanni Butte". The silent video is 22 minutes in length, and is believed to have been taken by Gus Kraus. The video depicts pesonalities from the Nahanni Butte/Fort Simpson area in the early 1960s, including Gus and Mary Kraus, their son Mickey Kraus, Dick Turner, Father Posset and Albert Faille. Also depicted are recreational activities such as relay races, three-legged races, snowshoeing, tug-of-war contests, and dogsledding. There is footage of men paddling a canoe upstream (the Liard River?), the breakup of the (Liard?) River, a float-equipped helicopter both on the ground and in flight, and airplanes with floats and with skis. Footage of wildlife includes birds, black bears, grizzly bears, wolves, and moose.]
[Caption information below supplied by Dr. Norman Kagan.
time - season - details
0/00 - W - Ice flowing on River - NB
0/40 - W - RCMP Const., Micky, ? , Gus Kraus w suspenders
0/45 - - Mary Kraus
0/50 - W - Micky Kraus w pups & sled at NB
2/00 - S - Children running relays at NB - first girls, then boys, then men
2/40 - S - 3 legged races at NB - first men, then boys
3/20 - S - Tug of War at NB - first men, then women
4/00 - W - dog pull, Micky on Skis at NB
4/25 - W - Mary and girls
4/40 - W - River flowing ice ( HS ?)
5/25 - Men in Voyageur canoe ferrying across the river
5/30 - W - boy in hotsprings pool - HS
6/00 - - []Fr Marie ?, ?, John Brucker w gas tank - all in boat
6/20 - - []S pool
6/50 - W - Micky
7/00 - - []women
7/10 - - two men with fish
7/55 - S - white haired man is George Bayer, playing w Micky at NB
8/25 - W - Mary w Micky , sled and dog at cache
9/00 - - Gus w Micky at NB
9/30 - - Micky and ax, then snowshoes at NB
10/20 - S - Birds
10/53 - S - Helicopter at Turner's place at NB
11/12 - S - (Marcelais or Tetso ?) & boys
11/50 - - missionary ( Mrs. Jack Norcross ?), Vera Turner and daughter Nancy
12/07 - - meat drying, Mary Kraus
12/27 - - []wo helicopters at Turner's compound NB
12/45 - S - Joseph and Amy Kraus, Gus' older brother & sister-in-law [Joe grew vegetables at Paradise Gardens south of Hay River]
13/25 - S - red plane w Joe and Amy at Ft. Providence [Joe: 5/26/96 - 10/23/86 buried at Hay R., Amy was in Ft Smith seniors home in 1995]
13/25 - W - Pacific Western plane and frozen wolf
13/50 - - birds in tree
14/07 - - man scraping hide, NB
14/18 - S - Mary, Micky, and John Brucker (cigarette in hand) at NB
14/50 - W - Mary Kraus with laughing Vera Turner & daughter Nancy talking with visiting R. M. Patterson at NB (March,1960?)
15/15 - W - tractor scenes
16/25 - S - John Brucker pouring gasoline
16/50 - S - cinematographer Don Wilder at NB - July 4, 1961 with George Bayer, John Brucker, young man w fists up (Don Turner?) and Albert Faille [Wilder hired Geo & John to crew 2nd scow]
17/40 - - kids
17/48 - W - Mary w girl and two similar women ?
18/32 - W - new cabins at NB
19/00 - - dog on chain
19/10 - W - red plane and Mary with others
19/25 - W - wind blowing at NB
19/45 - W - Mary with young girls at NB
19/59 - S - black bear at HS
20/30 - S - moose along river at HS
20/38 - - birds and dogs
20/58 - W - Norseman [actually Otter] plane - Edwin Lindberg folding tarp
21/20 - - Mary cutting young man's hair, looking for lice
21/35 - THE END]

Thelon River, 1970
N-1991-043: 0072 · Item · 1970
Part of George Rysgaard fonds

Thelon River, 1970. [Film records the flora and fauna, especially birds, of the Thelon River area, east of the Hanbury River junction.]

N-2014-004: 0001 · Item · 1946-1947
Part of Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd. fonds

This film contains amateur footage of construction on the Giant Mine site in the fall and winter of 1946-47 filmed by A.K. Muir, General Manager. Footage shows construction of a dock, framing, a headframe, the Engineers building, sawing lake ice, heavy equipment, and the boat "Liard River". [Ted Horton, Jock McNiven?, also horses]

N-2014-004: 0003 · Item · [1960-1961]
Part of Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd. fonds

This film contains amateur footage of a variety of subjects, including brief shots of Giant Mine in winter, flora and fauna, a survey team, aerials of mountains, a prospecting camp in summer, heavy equipment and a helicopter, a Giant Yellowknife Gold Mines airplane on a lake, and airplanes at a dock in Old Town Yellowknife. It may document exploration activities for Giant Mine's parent company Frobisher Ltd.'s northern holdings.

Travelogue from Barrens
N-2014-004: 0004 · Item · [1960]
Part of Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd. fonds

This film contains amateur footage of a variety of subjects, and seems to document flying from Giant Mine in Yellowknife to other northern mining exploration camps. Included are brief shots of Giant Mine headframe and roasting complex, aerials of possibly Giant Mine or Yellowknife, a prospecting camp in summer, several shots of a larger mining camp (perhaps North Rankin Nickel Mine), and planes at the Pacific Western Airways dock in Old Town Yellowknife. It may document exploration activities for Giant Mine's parent company Frobisher Ltd.'s northern holdings.

Ray Ross film - Read Island
N-1996-004: 0001 · Item · 1938
Part of Ray Ross fonds

[3 minute b&w film of one inuit child (Rebecca Webster?) and young Raymer Ross playing with sled and box of live chicks (brought by Wop May); men building an igloo; two inuit women with tattooed faces (one smoking); Raymer doing laundry in tub with mangler; women cutting and distributing something (blubber?) wrapped in paper to women and children (Margery Webster?); Lillian Ross leading dog team pulling large boat on a sled; Raymer with Jocko the sock monkey and his mother, Lillian. Read Island 1938-39]

Highway of the Atom
N-1992-194: 0001 · Item · 1952
Part of Northern Transportation Company, Ltd. fonds

Entitled "Highway of the Atom," this film was created for the Northern Transportation Company Ltd. (NTCL). It was edited and recorded by Crawley Films, with camera work by R.B. Ranson. "Highway of the Atom" illustrates the Radium Line of the Northern Transportation Company Ltd. Transportation system by tracing the shipment of materials from Waterways, Alberta to Port Radium, on the "Radium Franklin" and the "Radium Gilbert." For reference only, request copies/copyright permission from LAC.

A Break in the Ice
N-1995-013: 0001 · Item · 1972
Part of Northern Transportation Company, Ltd. fonds

Promotional film describing a typical transportation season, produced for NTCL by Jubenvill & Embra Films Ltd. (Vancouver, Canada) and directed by Ken Jubenvill. 33 minutes
Includes footage of: Great Slave Lake, Mackenzie River, Delta, Beaufort Sea, Northwest Passage; Hay River, Inuvik, Tuktoyaktuk, Coppermine, Gjoa Haven. NTCL tugs: Vic Ingraham, Angus Sherwood, Frank Broderick; Camsell (Ice Breaker), barges, hovercraft, crew, man-made islands, railway and highway transportation. For reference only.

Construction 1955
N-1992-192: 0348 · Item · 1955
Part of Curtis Merrill fonds

8 mm. Colour. 200' Construction. 1955. According to the notes found with this film it depicts boats at the waterfront at E3 (Inuvik), digging test pits, gravel loading at Turn Lake, the constructioni of a garage, and McLeod's hitcher. It also includes footage of John McPhail, Fred Norris, Adolph Kozisek, Dean Hardy, P. Hall, Carl Muellerbeck.

Site Survey Aklavik
N-1992-192: 0350 · Item · 1954
Part of Curtis Merrill fonds

Reel 1 700' Site Survey Aklavik. 8mm colour 400'. [Contains footage of McLeod cleaning fish, the ice breakup at Aklavik in 1954, a helicopter at the Husky campsite, drilling at E3, the campsite at E4, a ratting canoe, a dog team on the ice, the cabins during breakup. It also contains aerial footage of the Husky Channel, the Husky campsite and the Mackenzie Delta. There is also footage of McLeod, Mary Bombardier, Peter Thrasher and Jim MacDonald. 1954]