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Archival description
Signed Minutes
G-1979-042: S01 · Series · 1921-1951
Part of Northwest Territories. Legislative Assembly fonds

The series consists of signed minutes of the Council of the Northwest Territories during the period of appointed Council members. The minutes of the first five sessions are not signed, but they are clearly intended of to the be the official proceedings of the Council, and the signed versions can be found in Series 3. Regular and special sessions are numbered from 1921-1950.

A large number of attachments have been included with the minutes, but this has not been done consistently. These attachments include agendas, copies of correspondence, reports, some Ordinances (including some drafts), and minutes of related committees, including the Interdepartmental Reindeer Committee, Yellowknife Board of Trustees, and Hay River Board of Trustees. Some maps and photographs are also included.

G-1979-042: S03 · Series · 1921-1930, 1948-1951
Part of Northwest Territories. Legislative Assembly fonds

The files in this series contain the papers kept by the Secretary for each session. Although this practice continued until 1951, all of the files between 1929 and 1949 were probably destroyed before 1967. Although the files consist largely of copies which can also be found in the signed minutes (series 01), they also contain some additional information.

354-S02 · Series · 1972-2000
Part of Metis Nation of the Northwest Territories fonds

This series consists of records relating to the Locals of the Metis Association and Metis Nation in communities across what was at the time the western Northwest Territories, including Fort Smith (#50), Hay River (#51), Fort Simpson (#52), Fort Resolution (#53), Fort Good Hope (#54), Yellowknife (#55, #66, #77), Aklavik (#56), Fort Providence (#57), Fort McPherson (#58), Norman Wells (#59), Fort Norman/Tulita (#60), Inuvik (#62), Arctic Red River/Tsiigehtchic (#63), Rae/Edzo/Behchoko (#64), Pine Point (#65), Fort Liard (#67), and Fort Franklin/Deline (#75). Records, primarily minutes and correspondence, of other Metis-related organizations, including the South Slave Regional Council, South Slave Metis Tribal Council, North Slave Metis Alliance, and Hay River Metis Government Council are also included in this series.

The records include incoming and outgoing correspondence, meeting minutes submitted by the Locals, Constitutions and Bylaws of the Locals, budgets, financial records, affiliation applications and certificates, membership lists, activity reports, press releases, land use applications, Local Handbook, and information packages.The records also occasionally include meeting minutes of other community organizations.

The records would likely have originally been maintained as part of the central filing system under classification 210. However, the majority of the records had been gathered into a Locals series by the time they were processed by the Archivist. The Locals records still in the main filing system (1990-91, 1998-99, 1999-2000) were moved to the Locals series by the Archivist. The entire Locals series was arranged in essentially chronological order, while maintaining the sets of records originally apparent. Original order within the each file has mostly been maintained, although a change in the appraisal metric mid-way through processing meant that some records had to be reinserted, disrupting the original order. The files were also heavily weeded to remove duplicates.

Charter Records
419-S05 · Series · 1949, 1958-1962
Part of Koenen's Air Service Limited Fonds

The series consists of 22.6 cm of textual records and 4 maps relating to charter trips made by Koenen's Air Service. The records include a promotional pamphlet, trip logs, and maps of areas flown to often.

423-S03 · Series · 1961-1990
Part of Brock “Rocky” Parsons fonds

This series includes maps annotated by Parsons, likely for use in calculating routes for his flights. Areas covered are primarily NWT communities (including eastern Arctic/present-day Nunavut), but also include northern Alberta, Yukon, British Columbia, Alaska, and Greenland.

This series consists of project and planning records documenting GSCI’s involvement in land use planning and management with other organizations including the Gwich’in Land Administration, the Gwich’in Land and Water Board (GLWB), the Gwich’in Interim Land Use Planning Board (GILUPB), the Gwich’in Land and Water Working Group (GLWWG) and the Peel Watershed Planning Commission. Records include correspondence, reports, informational materials, a copy of the Gwich’in Land Management and Control Rules, and maps relating to Peel Watershed Planning. The series also includes workshop proposals, agendas, presentation materials, discussion papers and draft reports from the Peel River Watershed Advisory Committee Workshop, GLWB‘s Integrated Resource Management workshops, GTC-GILUPB’s Land Use Planning Workshop and GILUPB-GLWWG’s Gwich’in Settlement Area Integrated Resources Workshop.

Gwich'in Territorial Park

This series consists of records documenting the GSCI’s work in developing a vision and management plan for the Gwich’in Territorial Park with other Gwich’in organizations, such as Gwich’in Geographics Ltd, as well as oral history, place name, ethnobotany and plant report projects in the park. Projects documented in this series include Gwich’in Territorial Park – Campbell Lake Talking Map (1994), Gwich'in Territorial Park (Campbell Lake) Oral History & Place Names Project (1994), Gwich’in Territorial Park (Campbell Lake) Ethnobotany Project (1995), Gwich’in Territorial Park Report (2012) and Gwich’in Territorial Campground Plant Report (2014).

Records in this series related to the GSCI’s work in developing a vision and management plan for the Gwich’in Territorial Park include correspondence; Terms of Reference; meeting notes, report and materials relating to a Vision and Imaging Session in July of 1996; planning materials for an interpretive centre; draft interpretive plan and vision statement; a Scope of Work document from Gwich’in Geographics; draft management plan and comments; reference materials; Territorial Park Management Committee meeting materials from 2013 and 2014; and a printed copy of the revised Gwich’in Territorial Park Management Plan 2012. Records documenting the GSCI’s oral history, place name, ethnobotany and plant report projects in the Gwich’in Territorial Park include correspondence; funding materials; GSCI reports and drafts of non-GSCI reports; presentation materials; maps; and audio recordings.

Burial Sites

This series consists of records of the GSCI’s work in documenting, recognizing and protecting Gwich’in burial sites. Records in this series relate to the Tsiigehtchic Graveyard Mapping Project 2005-2008, Burial site signage along the Dempster Highway and the GTC Gwich’in Burial Site Guidelines. Records include correspondence; GTC Burial Site Guidelines and draft; notebook, notes and information on graves from the Tsiigehtchic Graveyard Mapping Project; and news articles.

J.I. Glick early life
429-S01 · Series · 1925-1947
Part of Glick family fonds

This series documents the first four decades of J.I. Glick's life, before he and Sadie Glick moved to Yellowknife. Records relate to his involvement in the mining and fur trade in Ontario, his trials and incarceration, correspondence, World War II service records, return to civilian life and preparation to move to Yellowknife.

Glick, Jacob Isaac
429-S04 · Series · 1951-1970
Part of Glick family fonds

The series documents J.I. Glick's Yellowknife real estate business, Central Real Estate, as well as the Gold Range Hotel, which was an asset of Central Real Estate. The property records include records predating formal incorporation of Central Real Estate in 1953. Glick was the first manager of the Gold Range Hotel from 1958-1966, when he and his wife Sadie Glick sold their shares.

Glick, Jacob Isaac
429-S15 · Series · 1958-1984
Part of Glick family fonds

This series includes souvenirs from domestic and international travel, including trips from Yellowknife Radio sponsored travel, by Harold and Zelda Glick and their children. It includes ephemera, programs and booklets from local events such as Caribou Carnival, pamphlets and booklets relating to Yellowknife, and travel records (tickets, programs, postcards).

Nahanni Trips
N-2022-003-S02 · Series · 1966-1979
Part of W. D. Addison Nahanni collection

This series consists of records relating to several trips taken by W.D. Addison to the Nahanni area in 1966, 1974, 1978, and 1979. The records include photographs (slides, negatives, and prints), maps, and journals.