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Archival description
[Temporary Audio-Visual]

This series consists audio and video recordings from the Metis Nation and Metis Heritage Association fonds.

Please note that this portion of these fonds are currently being processed. These materials are being provided in a partially processed state to facilitate access in the meantime. Catalogue numbers and arrangement of the material within the fonds will change once processing is complete.

Traditional Knowledge Policy

This series consists of planning and project records related to the GSCI’s work on the development of the Gwich’in Tribal Council’s Traditional Knowledge Policy which the GSCI was responsible for implementing, on traditional environmental knowledge policy and on traditional knowledge policy development for the Government of the Northwest Territories and for the Yukon. Records include correspondence; proposals; funding information and financial materials; terms of reference; meeting, workshop and agendas, presentations, discussion papers and resource materials; reports; reference materials; policy copies; research guidelines; and a copy of the video Two Eyes One Vision - A New Millennium of Management from the Yukon Fish and Wildlife Management Board.

This series consists of records related to conferences, workshops and meetings which cover Gwich’in specific topics as well as general policy, research, cultural and heritage issues. Included in this series are GSCI workshops as well as conferences, workshops and meetings of other organizations, many of which GSCI staff attended, presented at and/or were involved in organizing. Records in this series include: correspondence; conference, workshop and meeting materials, minutes, notes and reports; GSCI presentation materials; informational materials; and video of the Gwich’in Elder’s Sessions at the Wisdom Engaged Conference in 2015.

Reference Collection

This series consists of reference and resource materials collected and acquired by the GSCI. Included in this series are library materials consisting of non-GSCI publications; reference, research and resource materials that are not related to specific GSCI projects; non-GSCI language reference materials; and materials and biographical information related to Gwich’in history, communities, community members and elders.

Library materials in this series include books, reports, papers, journals and conference proceedings on various subject matters. Reference, research and resource materials in this series include articles and papers; books; reports; digital atlas on CD; newsletters; bibliographies and research compendiums; copied archival materials; and interview transcripts.

Language reference materials in this series include books and booklets; dictionaries; grammar materials; language lesson materials and recordings; language conference materials; and language reports.

Gwich’in historical materials in this series include informational materials and correspondence relating to Gwich’in material culture such as canoes, snowshoes, fish traps, houses, caribou fences, songs, dances, fiddling and clothing and a copy of a Gwich’in history/timeline.

Biographical and community related materials include newspaper clippings; stories, biographies and other writings; funeral programs; obituaries of elders and anthropologists; press releases; a listing of elders; printed photographs; and correspondence.

Glick family records
429-S13 · Series · 1951-1995, 2007
Part of Glick family fonds

Records consist predominantly of correspondence received by Harold and Zelda Glick from family and friends around the world. Also includes ephemera (festival programs and event flyers), a few newsclippings about the family, audio recordings ("cassette letters") made by family in Montreal for family members in Yellowknife, and an interview of Harold Glick conducted by his grandson Jeremy Glick.