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Archival description
N-1993-501 · Collection · 1989-1990

This accession consists of 0.9 cm of textual records and 29 audio cassettes created by Alestine Andre during her Arctic Red River (Tsiigehtchic) Oral History Project in Tsiigehtchic in 1989-1990. The goal of the project was to collect information on the traditional lifestyle and cultural beliefs of the Gwichya Gwich'in in Tsiigehtchic. The textual records document the project's administration, and include a final report and a transcript. The audio cassettes include interviews conducted on various dates with five Elders who agreed to participate in the project: Hyacinthe Andre, Andre Jerome, Joan Nazon, Annie Norbert, and Nap Norbert.

Andre, Alestine
Elle Andra-Warner collection
N-2024-004 · Collection · ca. 2001-2002

The collection includes records created by Elle Andra-Warner during research for an article for Aviator magazine about Erik Watt's play "Bush Pilots".

Ken Roberts photo collection
N-2024-001 · Collection · [ca. 1945]-1989

This collection primarily includes photographs of fishing activities in and around Great Slave Lake, mainly in summer. Records also include photographs of the community of Hay River, fishing activities in Manitoba, and various other activities and locations in the NWT. There is also one postcard in the collection.

Roberts, Ken
Suzanne Paré collection
N-2023-009 · Collection · May-September 1985

This collection includes photographs of a fish camp near the Frank Channel, a community feast and drum dance, and a collection of images of people and places in the community of Behchoko.

Paré, Suzanne
N-2023-003 · Collection · [ca. 1955-1966]

This collection contains a variety of material relating to the Kinette Club of Yellowknife, ca. 1961-1966, including a large wooden scrapbook ("Kinsmen - Kinette - Yellowknife"), which includes photographs and signature pages from Kinsmen events in the 1960s. Also included are a number of Kinsmen/Kinette newsletters, clippings and loose photographs.

John Lengyel collection
N-1988-022 · Collection · [1945-1949]

The photographs primarily document the building and usage of the tugboat 'Thunder River'. This boat was built by John J Lengyel, Chester Lengyel, Roy Erickson, and Mike (surname unknown), most likely between 1945 and 1947. The tugboat was 57 feet long, had a 12-foot beam, and twin 160 horsepower engines. It was involved in towing barges across Great Slave Lake. It was also involved in moving infrastructure from the former Canol Project south sometime between 1947 and 1949. This most likely occurred along the Mackenzie River between Norman Wells and Hay River in the summer of 1949. In 1950, the ‘Thunder River’ was listed for sale from Hay River.

A handful of photographs document John J Lengyel's daughter Joan in a toboggan behind a dog team.

Lengyel, John
John McCollum collection
439 · Collection · 1899, 1920-1948 (copied ca. 1987), 1968, 1973

This collection consists of photographs largely collected by John McCollum during his time as an Anglican minister and Archdeacon of the Diocese of the Arctic (1954-1988). The photographs include missions, schoolchildren, and Anglican church officials, and document various locations including Shingle Point (Yukon), Aklavik, Hay River, and Tulita. The majority of the materials are copies from the Missionary Society in Canada (MSC)/Canadian Missionary Society collection.

McCollum, John Turquand
N-2022-004 · Collection · [1932-1936]

The records consist of 0.1 cm of textual records and 76 photographs (black and white prints) that were created by Mitch Jacob during his time in the NWT, primarily in Behchoko (formerly Fort Rae). The textual records consist of Jacob’s mining claims and related materials. The photographs document Jacob’s time and activities in the NWT, and include the tugboat ‘Dease Lake’, barges, dog teams, and prospecting. Communities and locations documented include Behchoko, the Mackenzie River Ramparts, and Fort Fitzgerald, Alberta. The photographs feature Mitch Jacob himself and many members of the Darwish family, particularly Jim Darwish.

Jacob, Michael Mechell (Mitch)
431 · Collection · 1945-1950

Records include photographs of the Viking Yellowknife Gold Mines Limited property at Morris Lake, and a variety of aircraft such as the Gypsy Moth, Bellanca Air Cruiser, and a Biplane among others in Yellowknife and at Giauque Lake. There are also photographs of Norman W. Byrne, his wife Rose, and his son Donald.

Byrne, Norman W.
428 · Collection · 1964-1968

Records include photographs taken by Jean Boulva during five summers of research trips on the M.V. Salvelinus research vessel, including:

  • his 1964 trip to Cambridge Bay via Hay River, Norman Wells, Inuvik, and Cape Parry;
  • his 1965 trip to Cambridge Bay, Keyhole Lake, Bathurst Inlet, and Baychimo;
  • his 1966 trip to Cambridge Bay, Wellington Bay and a research site in Dease Strait near Starvation Cove (69° 09' 41"N 105° 58' 50"W, 36 km west of Cambridge Bay);
  • his 1967 trip to Cambridge Bay, Dease Strait, and Starvation Cove; and his 1968 trip to Starvation Cove, Cambridge Bay, and Bathurst Inlet.

The slides are arranged according to their received order, which is chronological, indicated on each slide with the creator's numbering scheme.

Boulva, Jean
430 · Collection · 1971-1985

The images depict many communities in the NWT, including Yellowknife, Rae (Behchoko), Fort Providence, Hay River, Fort Smith, Fort Resolution, Fort Simpson, Norman Wells, Fort Norman (Tulita), Inuvik, Fort Good Hope, Colville Lake, and Wrigley. There are also images of other human impacts on the landscape, such as seismic lines, mine sites, and dams, as well as construction camps and industrial sites.

Taylor, Ken
Helene Caufield Collection
N-2020-002 · Collection · [ca. 1950]-1963

The collection consists primarily of slides taken by Helene Caufield during her time working as a nurse stationed in the Northwest Territories. Photograph locations include: Aklavik, Fort McPherson, Reindeer Station, Inuvik, Fort Simpson, and Yellowknife. Topics include scenery and community views, Anglican churches, hospitals, and hostels, students and patients, and activities including sewing, harvesting ice, making dryfish, picnics, and walks. The collection also includes a portrait of Helene during her training and a two page list of photograph captions.

Caufield, Helene
Noel Wright collection
N-1979-002 · Collection · 1797, 1950

This collection consists of 0.1 cm of textual records and one map. The textual records detail Noel Wright's observations on the information contained in the map, entitled "British Colonies in North America".

Wright, Noel