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John Bayly
N-1995-009 · Accession · 1989-1990
Part of John Bayly fonds

The records were gathered by John Bayly in his role as Inquiry Counsel for the Bourassa Inquiry. The Inquiry was conducted by Madam Justice Carole Conrad of Alberta and held in Yellowknife. The proceedings began on March 26, 1990 and ended with Madam Conrad's findings that were issued on September 28, 1990. The records consist of copies of the following: preliminary proceedings, transcripts of the hearings, exhibits including video and one audio cassette of the press conference and public meeting held by the Government of the Northwest Territories, Justice Minister Michael Ballantyne on Dec. 21, 1989, submissions, letters of complaint, authorities, the inquiry findings and press clippings.

Elizabeth Cass
N-1989-003 · Accession · 1959, [1980?], copied 1988
Part of Elizabeth Cass fonds

The textual records consist of transcripts that contain Dr. Cass' personal observations on the Gwich'in. These observations were made in 1959. Her recollections cover such topics as puberty, religious beliefs, burial customs, personal hygiene, marriage, music and dancing. The audio recordings contain a recording of Dr. Cass in early 1980, dictating letters for her secretary. She discusses her health and her recent trip to Brazil with the International Society of Geographic Opthalmology. She has also recorded many of the Gwich'in stories and legends that were related to her by such individuals as Paul Bonnetplume (Aklavik), Annie McPherson (Fort McPherson), Peter Lord (Old Crow, Yukon), Lazarus Sittichinli, Peter Moses and Edward Snowshoe. Although many of the legends relate to medicine men, Dr. Cass also recounts stories about the Willow Man, the Ungrateful Indian, Sakeethuck the "Trickster," the Crow Who Lost His Beak, the Lazy Boy, three stories about Bushmen [Hare and Slavey Indians] and a two hour saga about two brothers as told to her by Edward Snowshoe.

Henri Posset
N-1989-010 · Accession · 1957-1964, copied 1988
Part of Henri Posset fonds

The first recording was made in September 1957. It consists of drumming and chanting taped in Jean Marie River and Fort Franklin, fiddle music from Fort Franklin and various Slavey legends related by Johnny Betseda of Fort Simpson and Jean Marie Punch of Fort Providence. The second recording, with John Tsetso, was made on April 1, 1964 in St. Margaret's Hospital at Fort Simpson. In this recording, Tsetso narrates, in Slavey, the first three chapters of his book, "Trapping is my Life," which was published in February 1964. He also relates two other stories about summer and winter. The accession also contains two letters written by Father Posset which provide some biographical information on Johnny Betseda, John Tsetso and Jean Marie Punch. There is also a typed transcript of an interview between Father Posset and William Nerysoo, Senior, relating to Gwich'in personal names which was conducted on November 23, 1987.

Robert R. Janes
N-2002-027 · Accession · [ca. 1970-1993]
Part of Robert R. Janes fonds

The records relate to Robert Janes’ archaeological field work at Fort Alexander, Willow Lake, Dealy Island (Kellett’s Storehouse), Drum Lake, and the Canol Camp, his interest in archaeology and anthropology, his work as the first Director of the Territorial Central Museum (later the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre or PWNHC), and his work as the Executive Director of the Science Institute of the Northwest Territories (SINT). The textual records include archaeological field notes and reports, papers and articles written and collected by Janes, including his thesis, book and article reviews, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, PWNHC building planning and operation files, newsletters, newspaper clippings, EXPO’86 planning files, and PWNHC and SINT publications. The photographs, maps, and architectural drawings document archaeological excavations at Fort Alexander, Willow Lake, and Dealy Island (Kellett’s Storehouse) and show the building and operations at the PWNHC. One plan also shows preparations for the Northwest Territories pavilion at EXPO’86. The sound recording also relate to the ethnoarchaeological project at Willow Lake, including interviews and a recording of a church service.

Rene Fumoleau
N-1996-014 · Accession · 1957
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

The sound recordings were made in Fort Good Hope 1957. Items numbered :0001 to :0005 correspond to original reels. The recordings include Dene chants (drum dance music); radio broadcasts and an interview with Father Fumoleau. For reference only, contact Canadian Museum of History for copies.

Rene Fumoleau
N-1999-023 · Accession · [1957-1979]
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

The film is entitled "Dene Nation." The sound recordings document dance and music from "Our Land, Our Life" comprised of recordings from Fort Good Hope of drum music, Dene songs and North Slavey (Hareskin) language; as well as audio from slide shows and films, including "My Country My People," "I Was Born Here" and "Dene Nation." The sound recordings from Fort Good Hope, likely recorded in 1957, feature members of the Pierrot, Kakfwi, Remi, Edgi, Masuzumi, Lafferty, Cotchilly, Taureau, Emmanuel, and Kelly families.

Rene Fumoleau
N-2004-013 · Accession · [1959-1999]
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

The textual records are comprised of copies of research, legal documents and reports related to Treaty 8, and is primarily concerned with taxation. The sound recording, entitled "The Winds of Change", was produced by CBC Calgary, most likely in the early-1970s. The documentary discussed the changes happening in the North. Northwest Territories' communities described in the piece included Tuktoyaktuk, Inuvik, Yellowknife, Fort Smith, and Hay River.

Rene Fumoleau
N-2004-014 · Accession · [1976-2000]
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

The textual records relate to an Alberta court case, Benoit v. R, which concerned Treaty 8. It also includes the 1999 thesis dissertation of Marine Le Puloch entitled 'Le Traite no. 8 au Canada, beneficiaires et exclus'. The sound recordings are from two films. One is from the film 'Dene Nation', and is an original recording by Gerry Cheezie. The second sound recording is an original recording by Jim Balsillie created for the film 'I Was Born Here.' Rene Fumoleau was the director and/or producer of the film projects of the same names.

Union of Northern Workers
N-1994-019 · Accession · 1970-1994
Part of Union of Northern Workers fonds

The records have been arranged into four series: textual records, photographs, sound recordings and moving images. The textual records were then organized into six sub-series: Minutes of Full Executive Meetings, Minutes of the Triennial Conventions, Minutes of Meetings of NWTPSA and UNW Locals, "Sulijuq" newsletters, Collective Agreeements and UNW Filing System. The textual records document the development of the union movement in the Northwest Territories and the increasing politicization of the union's membership. They also document the internal administration and operations of the NWTPSA and the UNW, and their relationship to the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC). The records also depict the relationship between the NWTPSA, UNW and the Northwest Territories Federation of Labour (NWTFLA). The textual records contain information on convention procedures, elections, the collection of union dues, revisions to By-Laws and Policies, and the transfer of federal employees to the territorial government. The sound and video recordings were made at the Triennial Conventions and the Full Executive Meetings. The photographs were taken at the Triennial Conventions, Full Executive Meetings, and at individual members' work-sites. There are also images of such political action campaigns as the annual Day of Mourning ceremonies, marches in support of striking workers at the Inuvik Housing Authority, Royal Oak Mines Limited, the federal government and the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

Union of Northern Workers
N-2003-010 · Accession · 1999
Part of Union of Northern Workers fonds

Records include eleven interviews conducted in 1999 as part of a study on the history of the Union of Northern Workers. Interviewees included past and present leaders and employees of the UNW. The recordings were made and the interviews conducted by Chris Powell, then a student at the Memorial University of Newfoundland completing a graduate degree.

George Rysgaard
N-1991-043 · Accession · 1966-1973, 1990-1991
Part of George Rysgaard fonds

The textual records consist of correspondence from Father Brown (Bern Will Brown) to George Rysgaard as well as correspondence with Dr. Breckenridge, concerning the 1970 trip to the Thelon River area. The correspondence includes lists of mammals and birds observed, and plant specimens collected. The photographs depict several locations including Great Bear Lake, Colville Lake, Victoria Island and the Thelon Refuge. There are also images of Duncan Pryde, Father Bern Will Brown, and George Rysgaard. The films are about the following subjects: the topography, flora and fauna of the Thelon River area, Colville Lake and Victoria Island. The sound recordings consist of narration for the Colville Lake and Victoria Island films.

N-1995-012 · Accession · 1977-1995
Part of N.W.T. Council for Disabled Persons fonds

The material is dated from 1977-1995 and relates to the administration and functions of the Northwest Territories Council for Disabled Persons. The textual records, dating from 1977-1991, include monthly reports of the Executive Director, President, and various committees within the Council; minutes; records of clients throughout the Northwest Territories; the Ability column; and files from special projects and functions such as the Celebrity Auction, Bike-A-Thon, Handi-van, workshops and conferences. Some files relate to the Inuvik Council for the Disabled, and the communities of Pine Point and Hay River. The photographs date between 1986-1995 and contain images of: Kids on the Block (KOB) puppet performance tours by Barb Barnet and Barb Bond to Gjoa Haven, Cambridge Bay, and Coppermine; Celebrity Auction; National Access Awareness Week (NAAW) events; Bike-a-thons; posters; the Council's museum display for the International Year of Disabled Persons (IYDP); Run For Light (1986); conferences; and Rick Hansen's visit to Yellowknife. The sound cassettes, 1986-1991, feature recordings from conferences, an aldermanic candidates forum, and speakers on topics such as respite care, services in the north, advocacy and independent living centres, and accessibility. A few of the recordings are in Inuktitut. The accession also contains one 8 mm video tape of approximately 11 minutes of Kids on the Block puppet performances, and one poster published by the Northwest Territories Council for the Disabled for the International Year of Disabled Persons (1981).

Dennis Duffy
N-1992-020 · Accession · 1977
Part of Dennis Duffy fonds

Records include a sound recording entitled "Hooked on the North." The recording was compiled from oral history tapes of Marjorie Nichol (N-1992-019) and Dennis Williams (N-1992-018). These excerpts are interspersed with narration and music.

Snare Lake Band Council
N-1995-011 · Accession · 1989, 1992
Part of Snare Lake Band Council fonds

Records include oral history interviews that resulted from the Snare Lake Education Committee's efforts to gather information from local elders for a handbook on cultural programming for use in the school. Interviews are in Tlicho (Dogrib).

N-1992-190 · Accession · [1978], copied 1993
Part of Lac La Martre Community Education Committee fonds

Records are related to a project undertaken by the Lac La Martre Senior Room for the 1978 Explore Our Northern Heritage competition. Under the guidance of elders from the Lac La Martre Community Education Council, the students made a bush canoe and a caribou skin jacket and documented the process for the competition. The textual records and the photographs (:0005 - :0035) are part of a book created by the students entitled "Picture Book on Making a Bush Canoe." The DAT audiocassette contains a Tlicho recording of Francis Moosenose interviewing Joe Zoe Fish on "How to make a Bush Canoe (:0001) and a Tlicho recording of Eva Nitsiza's interview with her mother Dora on "How to Make a Fancy Caribou Jacket" (:0002). The films document "Making a Bush Canoe" (:0003); "Making a Fancy Caribou Jacket" (:0004).