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Rene Fumoleau
N-2005-021 · Accession · 1976-1979
Part of Rene Fumoleau fonds

The three film reels are of "I Was Born Here;" "I Was Born Here French version" (also known as 'Mon pays est ma vie'), and "Dene Nation" (First Answer Print). The BetaCam videocassette and DVCam videocassette are copies of "Mon pays est ma vie." René Fumoleau produced the 1976 film, I Was Born Here (Mon pays est ma vie, 1977) and directed Dene Nation in 1979. "Dene Nation" was produced by the Dene Nation.

N-1992-501 · Accession · 1992

Records include sound recordings of interviews conducted as part of the Great Bear Lake Oral History Project in 1992. Topics discussed include settlement patterns around Great Bear Lake before Deline (Fort Franklin) was established, traditional place names in the Great Bear Lake area, the settlement of Deline (Fort Franklin), Slavey social life and customs, fishing, hunting and Slavey games. People interviewed included Jean Baptiste, Julie Baptiste, Madeline Baton, Paul Baton, Peter Baton, Madeline Bayha, Christine Cleary, Melanie Elemie, Margaret Kenny, Marie Therese (Sr.) Kenny, Bella Modeste, Camilla Takazo, Louie Taniton, Rosa Taniton, Francis Tatti, Cecile Tetso, Adeline Vital, Dora Vital and Johnny Vital. The interviews are in North Slavey; most recordings include introductions and summaries in English.

Great Bear Lake Oral History Project
G-2003-003 · Accession · 1984-1996
Part of Languages Commissioner of the Northwest Territories fonds

Records include five copies of the brochure "The Languages of Our Land" which contains basic information about the purpose and content of the NWT Official Languages Act. The brochures are in the languages of English, French, Cree, Dogrib, Chipewyan, Gwich'in, North Slavey, South Slavey, Inuinnaqtun and Inuvialuktun. In addition there is a copy of the report "The Richness that Language and Culture Brings" which is an Impact Study of Canada-NWT Languages Agreements (1984-1996).

Northwest Territories. Office of the Languages Commissioner
N-2003-033 · Accession · 1990

The videos consist of the production "History in the Making: The NWT Legislative Assembly." Each videocassette contains the production in a different language including: English (:0001), Tłı̨chǫ (Dogrib :0002), Dëne Sųłıné (Chipewyan :0003), Dene Zhatıé (South Slavey :0004), French (:0005), Dene Kǝdǝ́ (North Slavey :0006) and Inuktitut (:0007). The program, which is approximately 10 minutes in length, was produced by Inuit Broadcasting Corporation (IBC) in 1990. The production was commissioned by the Management and Services Board of the 11th Legislative Assembly, and traces the political development in the NWT, including the development of the NWT Council and the Legislative Assembly. The production incorporates archival photographs and moving images from the Northwest Territories, as well as footage of Legislative Assembly sessions from the 1980s. Fran Hurcomb wrote the script for the production, and archival material was provided by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Northern Service, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Crawley Films, Library Archives Canada and the NWT Archives. The Director was Chris Mullington and the Executive Producer was Lorraine Thomas.

G-2002-019 · Accession · 1985-1989
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

Records consist of 9 issues of Dene Yati dating from September 1985 to September 1989. Dene Yati was a newsletter published by the Dene Language Terminology Committee, Language Bureau, Department of Culture and Communications. The newsletter included articles about various topics such as Aboriginal languages, health issues, the legal system and career planning. Each issue also included a list of 40 terms or words about a particular topic, as well as the English, Chipewyan, Dogrib, Loucheux, North Slavey and South Slavey translations.

Records relating to fisheries and wildlife management include those on the subjects of disease, endangered species, land use, predator control, trapping, hunting, fur production and harvesting data, hunting and trapping associations, environmental protection, land claims, trapper taxation, trapping standards, animal sightings, game management reports, registered trapping areas, pipelines, sport fishing and lake stocking, conservation education, national parks, territorial parks, preserves, sanctuaries and refuges. Records also include manuals, permits, licenses, newsletters, annual reports, strategic plans, and mandate documents relating to the operation of the Division. The wildlife management records include studies or records relating to falcons, gyrfalcons, geese, duck, swans, bears, bison, beaver, sheep, caribou, fox, reindeer, wolf, muskoxen, muskrat, marten, mink, wolverine, moose, hare, and arachnids (spiders). Policies and programs covered by this accession include the Guiding and Outfitting Policy, Community Freezer Program, Fur Program, Biodiversity Working Group, Fire Management Policy, Firearm Safety Instructor Course Program, Bathurst Management Planning Committee, and the Trapper Treeline Program. There are records relating to Trapper Training, Harvesters Assistance, Trapper Compensation, and interaction with COSEWIC, and the Fish and Wildlife Service Policy. Each region of the Northwest Territories and Nunavut is represented.

Northwest Territories. Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. Wildlife and Fisheries division
Michel Sikyea collection
N-2004-016 · Accession · 1970, 2002

The textual records is comprised of a funeral program for Michel Sikyea from December 2002. The photographs, taken by Bill Braden, depict Michel Sikyea cutting fish in a camp setting.

Records include files related to the closure of Pine Point (both the town and the mine), Prime Public Authority, municipal evaluations, and hamlet/settlement incorporations. Records also include files documenting relationships of the department with regional and tribal councils, the NWT Association of Municipalities (NWTAM), and the NWT Association of Municipal Administrators (NWTAMA).

Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs. Municipal Operations division
G-2024-023 · Accession · 1966 - 1992
Part of Northwest Territories. NWT Housing Corporation fonds

The accession consists of early years of Housing Corporation development in the NWT including recommendations, legislation proposals and ordinances. It contains discussions of surplus housing, drafting a local building by-law, changes made to the Rural and Native Housing program, and community planning and development including building houses for GNWT rental units. It consists of a Special Purpose Housing outline from Canada Mortgage Housing Corporation. It contains a discussion paper on ethical principles for the conduct of research in the north and notes on the impact of housing on health concerns. It also contains a Northwest Territories Housing Corporation Management & Employment Manuel for 1975, a Ministry of State for Urban Affairs Annual Report from 1976 - 1977, and a Northwest Territories Housing Corporation Management Report from 1988.

G-2024-030 · Accession · 2010-2012
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Justice fonds

The accession consists of Community Justice PAFVA Evaluation Project Final Report 2010-2011, Review Engagement Report 2010-2011 for Victims Services (File # 6152-7-1), a Project Funding Agreement between the Government of Canada and the Government of Northwest Territories, and an Aboriginal Justice Strategy Final Report Capacity Building Fund 2010-2011 which outlines a workshop including its goals and the impact it had on attendees. It contains meeting minutes draft for an Aboriginal Justice Strategy Northwest Territories Dialogue Session, a copy of a Memorandum of Understanding Agreement between the Government of the Northwest Territories and Law Society of Canada regarding the set up of a law library at the Courthouse File including the library's budget. It consists of a GNWT Department of Justice Multi Year Proposal from April 2011 to March 2016 which outlines a Framework for Enhancing Victim Services in the NWT, a NWT/Nunavut Project #6350-60-7 Final Report 2009-12, and a Collaborative Justice Model Design Study Draft Final Report by NorthWays Consulting from July 2010. As with a lot of these type of records, files do contain some financial statements.

G-2024-003 · Accession · 1966-1986
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Local Government fonds

Records include policies and procedures files, legislation (ordinance) files, audit files, land assembly files, community data files, and a number of files related to workshops organized by the department. Also included is a set of records related to the Mackenzie Delta Regional Planning and Assessment group, and two files documenting the department's relationship with the NWT Association of Municipalities.

Robert R. Janes
N-2002-027 · Accession · [ca. 1970-1993]
Part of Robert R. Janes fonds

The records relate to Robert Janes’ archaeological field work at Fort Alexander, Willow Lake, Dealy Island (Kellett’s Storehouse), Drum Lake, and the Canol Camp, his interest in archaeology and anthropology, his work as the first Director of the Territorial Central Museum (later the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre or PWNHC), and his work as the Executive Director of the Science Institute of the Northwest Territories (SINT). The textual records include archaeological field notes and reports, papers and articles written and collected by Janes, including his thesis, book and article reviews, correspondence, meeting minutes, reports, PWNHC building planning and operation files, newsletters, newspaper clippings, EXPO’86 planning files, and PWNHC and SINT publications. The photographs, maps, and architectural drawings document archaeological excavations at Fort Alexander, Willow Lake, and Dealy Island (Kellett’s Storehouse) and show the building and operations at the PWNHC. One plan also shows preparations for the Northwest Territories pavilion at EXPO’86. The sound recording also relate to the ethnoarchaeological project at Willow Lake, including interviews and a recording of a church service.

G-2024-027 · Accession · 2000-2004
Part of Northwest Territories. Workers' Compensation Board fonds

This accession consists of records from the Prevention Services Division of the Workers' Compensation Board relating to fatality investigations for Guyle Armstrong at Dome Lake (Nuna Logistics Limited, 2000), Gerhard Bender and Greg Wheeler at Diavik Diamond Mine (Supreme Steel Ltd., 2001), and Cecil Martin at Con Mine (Miramar Con Mine Ltd., 2002).

The records include investigation reports, Coroner's and employer's reports, photographs and negatives, maps, witness statements, correspondence, reference material, and court records.

Records include a Lands Administration guide, a community plan for Fort Simpson and its accompanying maps, and a zoning bylaw for Fort Simpson with its accompanying maps.

Northwest Territories. Department of Municipal and Community Affairs. Lands Administration division
Robert C. Knights
N-1996-005 · Accession · 1956-1957
Part of Robert C. Knights fonds

The three films document movement on the Mackenzie River, as well as activities in the Beaufort Delta and in Tsiigehtchic (then Arctic Red River). Footage includes airplanes, boats, maktak drying, pingos, sled dogs, fishing, creating stick fish, sawing ice, running dog teams, spring break up, the NWT Mace, and the transportation of a dead body (not available online).

John Anderson-Thomson
N-2006-004 · Accession · [1983?]
Part of John Anderson-Thomson fonds

Records are comprised of a typewritten manuscript entitled 'Memoirs of John Anderson-Thomson 1944-1982, Northwest Territories'. Each chapter title, arranged in chronological order, refers to a year or range of years in which Anderson-Thomson was in the North. The preface, written by the author, describes the work as an "every day account of thirty-seven years of geological investigation and surveying in the [Sub-Arctic and High Arctic of Canada]". In addition to Yellowknife and Geology, the work relates to the Canadian Rangers and search and rescue, the DEW Line system, winter roads, airstrips, road trips on what would be known as the Mackenzie Highway, the Great Slave Lake Railway, forest fires, airplane accidents, golf, birds, fishing lodges, and bush life and survival tips.

G-1997-002 · Accession · 1921-1955
Part of Northwest Territories. Legislative Assembly fonds

Records include copies of the NWT Council Minutes from 1921-1951 (M00811 to M00815) and an index of the minutes (M00809 and M00810). This microfilm copy was created in 1965 from the minute books (Volumes 1 to 20) accessioned as G-1979-042.

Please note that many of the Council minutes contain outdated and pejorative terms; paternalistic, racist, ableist, or otherwise offensive attitudes; and/or discussions of sensitive topics.

G-1979-042 · Accession · 1905-1951
Part of Northwest Territories. Legislative Assembly fonds

The records detail the regular and special meetings of the Council of the Northwest Territories from 1921 to 1951 (sessions 1 to 201). There are several parallel series containing minutes, agendas, and attachments, including reports, Orders in Council and Ordinances, correspondence, and occasionally photographs or maps, relating to the agenda items. products of meetings (Orders in Council, Ordinances) of the NWT Council. The first series contains the "official" set of files, including signed minutes for most meetings. Other record sets that cover some the same meetings, but may include different and more attachments, are found in the second and third series: Records of Council Members and Secretary's Files and Session Papers. The Records of Council Members series also includes records of the Advisory Board on Mining Regulations (1922-30). The last two series contain Ordinances and Orders in Council related to the Northwest Territories and associated indices.

Please note that many of the Council minutes contain outdated and pejorative terms; paternalistic, racist, ableist, or otherwise offensive attitudes; and/or discussions of sensitive topics. We have reproduced these terms and comments in the digitized documents because they are a part of the original historical record.

Salt River First Nation Band
N-2013-011 · Accession · 1996

The records document an oral traditions project carried out by Jonas Adam on behalf of the Salt River First Nation in 1996, funded via the Oral Traditions funding program. The textual records consist of two copies of a report entitled Memories To Last. It includes photocopies of pictures, and what appear to be transcripts of the interviews with six Salt River First Nation elders: Mary Rose Benwell, Napoleon (Abraham) Nasgadhe, Philip Cheezie, Mary Jane Bruno (Taylor), Wilfred Beaulieu, and Oliver Beaulieu. ©SRFN, request permission/copies directly.

Salt River First Nation Band
Nancy O. Lurie
N-2009-008 · Accession · 1968-1988
Part of Nancy O. Lurie fonds

Records consist of a letter from Nancy Lurie to Dr. Herman Viola; a letter to Nancy Lurie from Alphonse Eronchi, a copy of an exam question from 1968 related to the Dene of Yellowknife; and copies of several songs composed by Nancy Lurie.