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Archival description
150 · Fonds · 1943-1999

This fonds consists of 3.6 meters of textual material, 328 photographs including 197 colour transparencies, 25 colour prints, 50 colour negatives, 4 black and white transparencies, 2 black and white glass slides and 50 black and white prints. As well, there are 18 architectural plans, blueprints, site plans and flow charts. Also included are four 16mm colour motion picture films. The majority of the textual material dates from 1944-1999 and includes monthly operational reports and reports from the President, underground operations, diamond drilling and treatment plant for Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd. There are also meeting minutes, by-laws and constitution for the Giant Recreation Association and 10 Year Club, as well as menus and dinner invitations from 10 year club celebrations. In addition, there are copies of the Giant Mine newsletter Baker Creek News and photocopies of 34 annual reports for Giant Yellowknife Gold Mines, Ltd. and one original annual report from 1947. The remaining textual material includes correspondence and monthly operational reports for the Salmita Mine, Taurcanis (Bulldog) Mine and Tundra Gold Mine. The architectural plans show buildings and mine site layout for Taurcanis Mine. There are also blueprints, site plans and milling flow sheets from Giant Mine. The photographs date from the 1950s to 1991 and include aerial views of Giant Mine, headframe buildings, tailings retreatment plant, tailings ponds, employees at work both above and underground, pouring of the 10,000 gold brick and safety awards. In addition, there are photographs of the Akaitcho Mine, Salmita Mine, Tundra Mine and Crestaurum Mine. There are also several black and white prints that were taken by George Hunter in the 1950s documenting activities at Giant Mine. The four colour 16mm motion picture films record mining, exploration and construction activities. Included is a film documenting construction at Giant Mine in 1946/47, a promotional film titled "Giant Mines Story 1954" which describes the mining and smelting process at Giant and life in Yellowknife, and two films documenting mining exploration camps.

Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd.
Giant Mine Drill Record
N-2004-005 · Accession · 1944-1945

Records are comprised of a diamond drill record dating from 1944-1945 for the Giant Yellowknife Gold Mines, Ltd. claim. It appears that the work was done by Frobisher Explorations, a subsidiary of Ventures Ltd. who, in 1941, gained control of what would become the Giant Mine. The results were taken from the core samples drilled. Information tracked includes the location of the drill site in latitude and depth, the elevation of collar, the direction at start, start and completion dates (incomplete), and ultimate depth. Each entry provided the depth (feet), formation or makeup of the sample (including descriptive comments), the sample number, weight of the sample, and any assay information. Many of the forms have been initialled or signed, some by J.M. Bateway. Giant Mine went into production in 1948.

Giant Yellowknife Mines Ltd.