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G-1992-044 · Accession · [1970?-1986?]
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

Many of the sound recordings are poorly identified. Sound recordings include soundtracks for films, interviews, special effect sounds, Inuit throat singing, and government programs such as the series entitled "Behind Closed Doors - A Series on Spousal Assault in the Northwest Territories" and "So You Want to Start Your Own Business". The moving images include copies of: "You Can't Grow Potatoes Up There"; "Koukdjuak Crossing: Caribou Tagging on Baffin Island"; "Bathurst Inlet Caribou" (may also be titled: "To Have Forever: Hunting the Bathurst Caribou Herd"); "Nikko Island", "Wood Bison"; "Kellett's Storehouse"; "Yellowknife"; "Caribou"; "Heritage Centre Spots"; "Kissiliriyeet"; "Gordon Lake"; "Decisions"; "Future"; and "Anik Info Spots" (air prints). The helical scan videos consists of a Keewatin Economic Development Conference and the film "Hire North".

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Radio and Television Services division
G-2002-017 · Accession · 1983-1987
Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

There are five copies (VHS and Betamax) entitled "Drum Lake-Archaeology", (original number A1176015) which was produced by the Archaeology Section of the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre and Radio and Television Services (Department of Culture and Communications). These records are available in Tlicho with English subtitles (2 copies), Slavey and English. In addition, there is a Beta copy of "The Last Mooseskin Boat" in Slavey and two VHS copies of the video "Where Time Began" in Inuvialuktun and Gwich'in. "Where Time Began" was produced by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Museums and Heritage division

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The majority of the productions were developed between 1981 and 1995 from the Department's studio location in Yellowknife. Featured programs include "The Tube" and "The People." In addition, there are a variety of unique productions about northern subjects, traditional knowledge, and coverage of major political and social events in the Northwest Territories. There is also a selection of material that was produced for the Government of the Northwest Territories in order to inform residents about programs and services offered through various Government Departments.

Northwest Territories. Department of Education, Culture and Employment. Information Networks division