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Colville Lake
N-2001-002: 12467 · Item · 1983
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Colville Lake. George Codzi family grave Tatawan [tying wooden cross in bush] 1993

Colville Lake
N-2001-002: 08801 · Item · 1968
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Colville Lake. Louie Oudzi at grave 170 [man by Saylakenili? grave site with wooden cross.]

Colville Lake
N-2001-002: 08739 · Item · 1968
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Colville Lake. The Saylakenili grave site. 1968 [Louie Oudzi and other people placing wooden cross]

N-2001-002: 05769 · Item · 1964
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Holman. P. Henry [standing by a grave marked with cross and outlined with rocks.] 1964

Whitefish Station
N-2001-002: 03905 · Item · 1956
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Whitefish Station. [A small fenced grave site, Whitefish Station in the background.] 1956

Arctic Coast
N-2001-002: 11920 · Item · 1990
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Arctic Coast. Tuktoyaktuk. Bobby and Jean Gruben. [A man and woman stand near the white fenced grave of Father Rober LeMeur by boat (Our Lady of Lourdes?).] 1990

Fort Norman [Tulita]
N-2001-002: 02961 · Item · 1916
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Fort Norman [Tulita]. Catherine (Onte) Zole, (Mendu) - two figures right. Harriet Gladue and first husband Chief Albert Wright - centre. Two figures left - ? [the two figures furthest left are unidentified, not BWB photo]. 1916

Fort Franklin [Deline]
N-2001-002: 05602 · Item · 1951
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Fort Franklin [Deline]. Mission Aeronca Sedan crippled with a broken piston. [damaged airplane] R. Eldorado Norseman. 1951 [airplanes on shore]

Reel # 15
N-2001-002: 13120 · Item · [1951, 1961]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel #15
Fort Chipewyan 1100’

  • Panorama of Fort Chipewyan from the lake (south)
  • Alexander Mackenzie’s memorial plaque on the point: old H.B.C.
  • The mission buildings
  • Hostel kids sport games
  • Jimmy Pacquette, a faithful mission helper at work.
  • Various people around the town
  • [Fort Chipewyan] Chip people enjoying a summer card game in a tent.
  • The Grey Nuns in Father Brown's freighter canoe: to Dogs Head.
  • The Quart-Fourche; McInnes fishermen (golden eye*pickerel)
  • Grey nuns: Fr. [Father] Wm Leising, Bro. [Brother] Crenn, Fr. Pat Mercredi OMI
  • Bro. Henry Sarault: mission boat "St. Eugene" to Fort Fitzgerald.
  • On board: Sr. Lussiere, Alice Decoine, the Moore family
  • At Fort Fitzgerald the Latreille Brothers O.M.I. : Henri-Medard-Philippe
  • Return voyage to Chip [Fort Chipewyan Alberta], unloading the St. Eugene.
  • [Fort Chipewyan] Chip children make dandelion crowns.
  • Boarding the mission plane: Beaver CF-OMI on floats.

My 1951 film of the S.G.M. * O.M.I. & children at Chip [Fort Chipewyan]

This 100 ft of film was the first movies I ever took with a camera borrowed from Father Ladriere OMI.

Reel # 44
N-2001-002: 13139 · Item · [1959-1964]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel # 44
850’ Original footage

  • Colville Lake: Kochon spring camp delta, Alfred Saiten, Sharon Kochon
  • Philip Codzi Sr. makes canoe: Marguerite Codzi canvassing.
  • Antoine Codzi repairs his canoe
  • Spring camp on Ketaniahtue
  • Edward Oudzi, Philip & Dora Codzi paddling their canoe.
  • Fleshing beaver: Mary Barnaby? Madeline & Verona Pascal.
  • Beaver skins: Bertha Tinatchie: Mary Barnaby
  • Charlie Masuzumi stretches rats
  • The Kochon family arrive by dog packs in June.
  • Joseph Codzi arrives with dog packs: Codzis & Johnny Blancho in canoes.
  • Mary Codzi & pups
  • Litter of mission pups
  • Charlie Masuzumi’s white pups with Sharon & Millie Gully
  • Adele Edzai & her husband’s old dog
  • Gene Oudzi gets a sled load of fire wood in summer
  • Dodzi family bring canoe load of firewood: fireweed.
  • Kids on the giant step and swimming, Betty & Lucy Ann Barnaby on porch
  • Nurse Florence Emmott arrives by float plane.
  • B John leads Alfred Saiten to annual treaty paid on mission porch.
  • Summer game day: canoe races, sack races etc.
  • Drying whitefish at Mitzermonchontin: Ethlole and Baptistine
  • Madeline Codzi, Verona Pascal, Adele Adzari at Mitzerchontin.
  • Charlie Masuzumi builds his cabin: Nora: fire in muskeg near Dedeleteme.
  • Berry-picking picnic Sailakenini: baby Robert Kochon.
  • Store freight arriving: raft of firewood: eyati ball game
  • Kids leave for school: CF-OMI picks up Masuzumi boys
  • Fall fishing from the Loon: putting stick fish on the mission stage.
  • Dene (Antoine Kochon?) & swan: J. B. Gully, Joe Oudzi & moose.
  • The Loon takes the Codzi family to the bush in fall (Ontadun ?)
  • Kochons leave with dog packs in fall: Martin launches canoe fall.
Reel # 43
N-2001-002: 13138 · Item · [1956-1965]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel #43
1600’ Original film

  • E.-3 Inuvik: Father Brown in his speedboat.
  • Colville Lake: mission in summer from the Lake
  • Colville: winter: mission, church, lodge
  • Father Brown in church working: Charlie Masuzumi putting up stars
  • Dup: Father Brown paints first madonna.
  • Church logs in the Lake: church up to fifth log
  • Levelling the church footings, mixing cement, pouring forms.
  • First logs in place, five logs up: raise steeple legs.
  • Setting the plate log: first roof rafters.
  • Sheeting the roof, sheeting the steeple with aluminum shingles.
  • Raising the steeple: trimming log ends.
  • The mission & church in winter.
  • F.J. Brownings saw mill: Fort Simpson Father H. Posset O.M.I.
  • Camping along the Mackenzie River: native [Dene?] tent camps.
  • Fort Wrigley, Rocher Clark
  • Colville: moving the big tent Aug 31, 1962
  • Sheeting the mission roof, shingling, steeple - Paul Cotchilly
  • Father Brown trimming steeple supports, painting steeple cross.
  • Raising the steeple: the finished mission.
  • Raising the ridge pole: nailing roof rafters.
  • Raising the antenna poles, trimming rafter ends (ceiling)
  • Placing rafters fish house,
  • Father Brown watches workers nailing roofing mission,
  • Father Brown & five white pups:
  • Pulling a net set under ice: kids playing native ball (eyati)
  • On the Slave River: Aquinas boys, two canoes: Fort Fitzgerald.
  • Camping Athabaska Delta.. Frank Wratni washing pants.
  • With geese, jackfish, reeds store
  • Fort Providence: scenes of mission interior.
  • Fort Smith: scenes, relaunching canoe at Belle [Bell] Rock.
  • Stop at Fort Resolution: camp on Dead Man’s Island.
  • Hary [Hay] River: natives outside church: arrival (Fr. [Father] Loquat)
  • Fort Providence: meeting Father Alexis Robin, & Lusson O.M.I.
  • Fort McMurray snye, loading canoe, on the Athabaska River
  • Wood Buffalo Park Hay Camp, buffalo, dog corral: Ed Olson.
Reel # 38
N-2001-002: 13136 · Item · [1962-1967]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel # 38
900’ Original footage [25 minutes]

Colville Lake:

  • Winter: panorama: all the R.C. buildings
  • Father Brown at his desk, shop making a "thlukwa", ptarmigan.
  • Pups Sampson & Delilah eating ptarmigan
  • Father Brown harnessing his team and leaves with wood sled.
  • Father Brown at wood lot 1968 (taken by John Foster C.B.C.)
  • Father Brown returns with firewood.
  • Father Brown leaves with team hitched to a toboggan.
  • Visiting net set under ice: the fish pit: Charles Codzi
  • Father Brown builds an igloo.
  • The five frozen wolves killed with strychnine at Aubrey Lake.
  • Christmas party at the mission:
  • Father Brown & team travelling: the caribou hunt north.
  • Panorama : R.C. buildings, glare ice, freeze up.
  • Spring: tree swallows
  • Building and launching the "Loon"- 1963
  • The Loon crossing the lake: litter of 3-month old pups
  • Building the first lodge: 1965
  • Outpost: sodding the roof of the first lodge.
  • Fire off s. [south] end of the airport: Father Brown on D-4 cat.
  • Mass in the mission chapel: a baptism
  • Mass at the cemetery
  • At outpost breaking ice with the Loon in fall.
  • Moose: fall fishing off the Loon: Father Brown & Charlie Masuzumi
  • Bro. Roger Mahe O.M.I. on dock with wheelbarrow of fish.
  • Dog Samson eating a whitefish.
  • Freezeup: pulling the Loon out for winter.
Reel # 37
N-2001-002: 13135 · Item · [1960-1969, predominant 1962?]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel # 37
1400’ best original footage.

  • Colville Lake from the air August 1962
  • Unloading the PWA Beaver: first trip in: first shore fire.
  • Setting first tent: cutting brush: Father Brown makes the plan.
  • Building the dock: skidding logs & barking them.
  • Hare Indian [Sahtu Dene] girls bring in spruce boughs for tent floor.
  • Hauling gravel by boat: arrival of CF-OMI: digging the privy
  • Aquinas boys bring in jackfish: three girls cooking
  • Mass in the tent : mixing & pouring cement
  • Father Brown levelling the missions floor joices [joists].
  • Bob Engels arrived with freight in his Single Otter aircraft
  • Father Brown scribing logs, cutting: mission dogs tied at bank.
  • Hauling in dry spruce: tea break in the tent: mission up 5 logs.
  • Raising roof rafter in the fish house
  • Agnes Oudzi and Wilfred Kochon & mission plaque.
  • Raising the plate log
  • Inside placing the ceiling rafters.
  • A rainbow, August snow storm.
  • Brian & Frank fishing off 18’ canoe, set lines, gill net.
  • Father Brown builds the steeple
  • Dup- sheeting & shingling the roof.
  • Cutting in the windows : painting log ends.
  • Building the fish stage: stick fish: freight for the store.
  • Father Brown builds porch railing: places mission name plate.
  • Inside: laying the insulation under flooring.
  • Shop: Father Brown building drawers, bunks, chair, altar.
  • Painting the Madonna of the Snows for the mission chapel

Building the church: original film:

  • Cutting brush on the church site: Charles Codzi: Luke Tinatchie
  • Father Brown building 1st Loon & launching.
  • Log boom at Wekata: skidding logs up on to the church site.
  • Laying out the church foundation
  • Peeling logs: mixing cement & pouring.
  • First log: Richard McNeely, John Blancho Jr., Wilfred Kochon
  • Raising the four steeple legs, the Loon hauling golere.
  • Up 11 logs: tea break aboard the Loon: logs floating near Wekata.
  • The plate logs: roof rafters, sheeting the church roof.
  • Father Brown builds the steeple, raising it, shingling
  • Trimming & painting log ends: insulating, windows, cement steps.
  • Father Brown making benches altar vestment cases.
  • A/BP Pignadoli blesses church. Raising bell, congregation, panorama
Reel # 36
N-2001-002: 13134 · Item · [1960-1963]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel # 36
1000’ Original footage

  • Colville: setting first tent Aug. 1962
  • Making the plan, cutting brush: girls lay spruce bough tent floor
  • Aquinas boys washing on the dock: arrival of Beaver CF-OMI
  • Father Brown working on privy: levelling mission floor joices [joists]
  • Unloading gravel and pouring cement footing of new mission.
  • Aquinas boys return from fishing
  • The three native [Dene] cooks: Sarah Kochon, Monique Cotchilly, Alice Gully
  • Mass in the big tent (double footage) end of August snow fall.
  • Bringing in golere (dry poles) with Charlie Masuzumis boat.
  • Bob Engle unloads his Single Otter at the dock
  • Father Brown marking logs with scribe: Louis Oudzi.
  • Agnes Oudzi and Wilfred Kochon hold the mission plaque
  • The mission up to the fourth log.
  • Father Brown trimming log ends, the plate log, boys bring in net.
  • Insulating the fish house: Father Brown builds the steeple
  • Brian & Frank catching losche (ligne cod) [loche, ling cod] with set line.
  • Putting up stick fish on the stage (duplicate)
  • Nailing the rubberoid roof shingles.
  • Original film: plate log on fish house, snow on ground.
  • Dup film: back of the mission, setting in windows.
  • Painting log ends, making the mission porch railing
  • Orig.: continuing making the porch railings: Lucy Ann Barnaby.
  • Setting the plaque in the front porch wall
  • Laying pink fiberglass under the mission floor.
  • Father Brown laying plywood flooring, painting it.
  • Father Brown in the shop making drawers, chairs, etc.
  • Working on the chapel altar, ladder to attic.
  • Dup: the mission complete from outside.