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Colville Lake
N-2001-002: 12467 · Item · 1983
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Colville Lake. George Codzi family grave Tatawan [tying wooden cross in bush] 1993

Colville Lake
N-2001-002: 08801 · Item · 1968
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Colville Lake. Louie Oudzi at grave 170 [man by Saylakenili? grave site with wooden cross.]

Colville Lake
N-2001-002: 08739 · Item · 1968
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Colville Lake. The Saylakenili grave site. 1968 [Louie Oudzi and other people placing wooden cross]

N-2001-002: 05769 · Item · 1964
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Holman. P. Henry [standing by a grave marked with cross and outlined with rocks.] 1964

Whitefish Station
N-2001-002: 03905 · Item · 1956
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Whitefish Station. [A small fenced grave site, Whitefish Station in the background.] 1956

Arctic Coast
N-2001-002: 11920 · Item · 1990
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Arctic Coast. Tuktoyaktuk. Bobby and Jean Gruben. [A man and woman stand near the white fenced grave of Father Rober LeMeur by boat (Our Lady of Lourdes?).] 1990

Fort Norman [Tulita]
N-2001-002: 02961 · Item · 1916
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Fort Norman [Tulita]. Catherine (Onte) Zole, (Mendu) - two figures right. Harriet Gladue and first husband Chief Albert Wright - centre. Two figures left - ? [the two figures furthest left are unidentified, not BWB photo]. 1916

Bern Will Brown
N-1993-011 · Accession · 1991-1992
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Records include two newsletters produced by Bern Will Brown, the first in December 1991 and the second in December 1992. The newsletters give a brief overview of life within the community of Colville Lake during both years. Brown notes items of interest relating to himself, his wife and various members of the community.

Fort Franklin [Deline]
N-2001-002: 05602 · Item · 1951
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Fort Franklin [Deline]. Mission Aeronca Sedan crippled with a broken piston. [damaged airplane] R. Eldorado Norseman. 1951 [airplanes on shore]

Reel # 15
N-2001-002: 13120 · Item · [1951, 1961]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel #15
Fort Chipewyan 1100’

  • Panorama of Fort Chipewyan from the lake (south)
  • Alexander Mackenzie’s memorial plaque on the point: old H.B.C.
  • The mission buildings
  • Hostel kids sport games
  • Jimmy Pacquette, a faithful mission helper at work.
  • Various people around the town
  • [Fort Chipewyan] Chip people enjoying a summer card game in a tent.
  • The Grey Nuns in Father Brown's freighter canoe: to Dogs Head.
  • The Quart-Fourche; McInnes fishermen (golden eye*pickerel)
  • Grey nuns: Fr. [Father] Wm Leising, Bro. [Brother] Crenn, Fr. Pat Mercredi OMI
  • Bro. Henry Sarault: mission boat "St. Eugene" to Fort Fitzgerald.
  • On board: Sr. Lussiere, Alice Decoine, the Moore family
  • At Fort Fitzgerald the Latreille Brothers O.M.I. : Henri-Medard-Philippe
  • Return voyage to Chip [Fort Chipewyan Alberta], unloading the St. Eugene.
  • [Fort Chipewyan] Chip children make dandelion crowns.
  • Boarding the mission plane: Beaver CF-OMI on floats.

My 1951 film of the S.G.M. * O.M.I. & children at Chip [Fort Chipewyan]

This 100 ft of film was the first movies I ever took with a camera borrowed from Father Ladriere OMI.

Reel # 44
N-2001-002: 13139 · Item · [1959-1964]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel # 44
850’ Original footage

  • Colville Lake: Kochon spring camp delta, Alfred Saiten, Sharon Kochon
  • Philip Codzi Sr. makes canoe: Marguerite Codzi canvassing.
  • Antoine Codzi repairs his canoe
  • Spring camp on Ketaniahtue
  • Edward Oudzi, Philip & Dora Codzi paddling their canoe.
  • Fleshing beaver: Mary Barnaby? Madeline & Verona Pascal.
  • Beaver skins: Bertha Tinatchie: Mary Barnaby
  • Charlie Masuzumi stretches rats
  • The Kochon family arrive by dog packs in June.
  • Joseph Codzi arrives with dog packs: Codzis & Johnny Blancho in canoes.
  • Mary Codzi & pups
  • Litter of mission pups
  • Charlie Masuzumi’s white pups with Sharon & Millie Gully
  • Adele Edzai & her husband’s old dog
  • Gene Oudzi gets a sled load of fire wood in summer
  • Dodzi family bring canoe load of firewood: fireweed.
  • Kids on the giant step and swimming, Betty & Lucy Ann Barnaby on porch
  • Nurse Florence Emmott arrives by float plane.
  • B John leads Alfred Saiten to annual treaty paid on mission porch.
  • Summer game day: canoe races, sack races etc.
  • Drying whitefish at Mitzermonchontin: Ethlole and Baptistine
  • Madeline Codzi, Verona Pascal, Adele Adzari at Mitzerchontin.
  • Charlie Masuzumi builds his cabin: Nora: fire in muskeg near Dedeleteme.
  • Berry-picking picnic Sailakenini: baby Robert Kochon.
  • Store freight arriving: raft of firewood: eyati ball game
  • Kids leave for school: CF-OMI picks up Masuzumi boys
  • Fall fishing from the Loon: putting stick fish on the mission stage.
  • Dene (Antoine Kochon?) & swan: J. B. Gully, Joe Oudzi & moose.
  • The Loon takes the Codzi family to the bush in fall (Ontadun ?)
  • Kochons leave with dog packs in fall: Martin launches canoe fall.
Reel # 43
N-2001-002: 13138 · Item · [1956-1965]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel #43
1600’ Original film

  • E.-3 Inuvik: Father Brown in his speedboat.
  • Colville Lake: mission in summer from the Lake
  • Colville: winter: mission, church, lodge
  • Father Brown in church working: Charlie Masuzumi putting up stars
  • Dup: Father Brown paints first madonna.
  • Church logs in the Lake: church up to fifth log
  • Levelling the church footings, mixing cement, pouring forms.
  • First logs in place, five logs up: raise steeple legs.
  • Setting the plate log: first roof rafters.
  • Sheeting the roof, sheeting the steeple with aluminum shingles.
  • Raising the steeple: trimming log ends.
  • The mission & church in winter.
  • F.J. Brownings saw mill: Fort Simpson Father H. Posset O.M.I.
  • Camping along the Mackenzie River: native [Dene?] tent camps.
  • Fort Wrigley, Rocher Clark
  • Colville: moving the big tent Aug 31, 1962
  • Sheeting the mission roof, shingling, steeple - Paul Cotchilly
  • Father Brown trimming steeple supports, painting steeple cross.
  • Raising the steeple: the finished mission.
  • Raising the ridge pole: nailing roof rafters.
  • Raising the antenna poles, trimming rafter ends (ceiling)
  • Placing rafters fish house,
  • Father Brown watches workers nailing roofing mission,
  • Father Brown & five white pups:
  • Pulling a net set under ice: kids playing native ball (eyati)
  • On the Slave River: Aquinas boys, two canoes: Fort Fitzgerald.
  • Camping Athabaska Delta.. Frank Wratni washing pants.
  • With geese, jackfish, reeds store
  • Fort Providence: scenes of mission interior.
  • Fort Smith: scenes, relaunching canoe at Belle [Bell] Rock.
  • Stop at Fort Resolution: camp on Dead Man’s Island.
  • Hary [Hay] River: natives outside church: arrival (Fr. [Father] Loquat)
  • Fort Providence: meeting Father Alexis Robin, & Lusson O.M.I.
  • Fort McMurray snye, loading canoe, on the Athabaska River
  • Wood Buffalo Park Hay Camp, buffalo, dog corral: Ed Olson.
Reel # 38
N-2001-002: 13136 · Item · [1962-1967]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel # 38
900’ Original footage [25 minutes]

Colville Lake:

  • Winter: panorama: all the R.C. buildings
  • Father Brown at his desk, shop making a "thlukwa", ptarmigan.
  • Pups Sampson & Delilah eating ptarmigan
  • Father Brown harnessing his team and leaves with wood sled.
  • Father Brown at wood lot 1968 (taken by John Foster C.B.C.)
  • Father Brown returns with firewood.
  • Father Brown leaves with team hitched to a toboggan.
  • Visiting net set under ice: the fish pit: Charles Codzi
  • Father Brown builds an igloo.
  • The five frozen wolves killed with strychnine at Aubrey Lake.
  • Christmas party at the mission:
  • Father Brown & team travelling: the caribou hunt north.
  • Panorama : R.C. buildings, glare ice, freeze up.
  • Spring: tree swallows
  • Building and launching the "Loon"- 1963
  • The Loon crossing the lake: litter of 3-month old pups
  • Building the first lodge: 1965
  • Outpost: sodding the roof of the first lodge.
  • Fire off s. [south] end of the airport: Father Brown on D-4 cat.
  • Mass in the mission chapel: a baptism
  • Mass at the cemetery
  • At outpost breaking ice with the Loon in fall.
  • Moose: fall fishing off the Loon: Father Brown & Charlie Masuzumi
  • Bro. Roger Mahe O.M.I. on dock with wheelbarrow of fish.
  • Dog Samson eating a whitefish.
  • Freezeup: pulling the Loon out for winter.
Reel # 37
N-2001-002: 13135 · Item · [1960-1969, predominant 1962?]
Part of Bern Will Brown fonds

Reel # 37
1400’ best original footage.

  • Colville Lake from the air August 1962
  • Unloading the PWA Beaver: first trip in: first shore fire.
  • Setting first tent: cutting brush: Father Brown makes the plan.
  • Building the dock: skidding logs & barking them.
  • Hare Indian [Sahtu Dene] girls bring in spruce boughs for tent floor.
  • Hauling gravel by boat: arrival of CF-OMI: digging the privy
  • Aquinas boys bring in jackfish: three girls cooking
  • Mass in the tent : mixing & pouring cement
  • Father Brown levelling the missions floor joices [joists].
  • Bob Engels arrived with freight in his Single Otter aircraft
  • Father Brown scribing logs, cutting: mission dogs tied at bank.
  • Hauling in dry spruce: tea break in the tent: mission up 5 logs.
  • Raising roof rafter in the fish house
  • Agnes Oudzi and Wilfred Kochon & mission plaque.
  • Raising the plate log
  • Inside placing the ceiling rafters.
  • A rainbow, August snow storm.
  • Brian & Frank fishing off 18’ canoe, set lines, gill net.
  • Father Brown builds the steeple
  • Dup- sheeting & shingling the roof.
  • Cutting in the windows : painting log ends.
  • Building the fish stage: stick fish: freight for the store.
  • Father Brown builds porch railing: places mission name plate.
  • Inside: laying the insulation under flooring.
  • Shop: Father Brown building drawers, bunks, chair, altar.
  • Painting the Madonna of the Snows for the mission chapel

Building the church: original film:

  • Cutting brush on the church site: Charles Codzi: Luke Tinatchie
  • Father Brown building 1st Loon & launching.
  • Log boom at Wekata: skidding logs up on to the church site.
  • Laying out the church foundation
  • Peeling logs: mixing cement & pouring.
  • First log: Richard McNeely, John Blancho Jr., Wilfred Kochon
  • Raising the four steeple legs, the Loon hauling golere.
  • Up 11 logs: tea break aboard the Loon: logs floating near Wekata.
  • The plate logs: roof rafters, sheeting the church roof.
  • Father Brown builds the steeple, raising it, shingling
  • Trimming & painting log ends: insulating, windows, cement steps.
  • Father Brown making benches altar vestment cases.
  • A/BP Pignadoli blesses church. Raising bell, congregation, panorama