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  • Here are entered works relating to the making of useful or decorative objects by hand.

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        301 · Fonds · 1939-1998

        This fonds consists of approximately 74.33 meters of textual material, 218 colour photographs and slides, 11 posters, 1 Betacam videocassette, 2 VHS videocassettes, 84 microfiches of textual material, and one 16 mm film created by the Department of Economic Development and Tourism. The majority of the textual material is comprised of files from the Central Registry system. It also includes some records from regional offices.

        The Directorate series (60 Block), dating from 1960-1993, includes policy files, organization and evaluation files training files, long range planning files, Economic Development Agreement (EDA) files, files related to the NWT Business Development Corporation and the NWT Business Credit Corporation, reports for headquarters and regional offices, base line studies, business development and impact studies; project files of significance to the Deputy Minister, speeches, records related to the reorganization of the Department, conference and committee files from the Business Development Committee and Intersettlement Trade Advisory Committee, community files that relate to economic development project proposals, settlement files, materials related to the Council of the Northwest Territories, Commissioners tours, and other organizations involved in economic development in the North, as well as files related to the Mackenzie Highway committee and the Mackenzie Pipeline initiative.

        The Tourism and Parks Series (61 Block) dating from 1962 to 1998 includes records concerning the development of parks and the tourism industry in the North, such as administration, community consultation, promotion and marketing, research and development, feasibility studies and reports. The files include copies of the Explorer's Guide, records related to promotion efforts, visitor studies, camps, fishing and hunting lodges, as well as information and minutes from meetings for the NWT Hotels Association, Keewatin Tourism Committee, Northern Frontier Country Tourism Committee, Travel Industry Association, Big River Country Travel Association, Western Arctic Visitors Association, and the Arctic Coast Tourism Zone Association.The records concerning parks development date from 1970 to 1996 and relate to the development of signage, historic sites and tours, interpretive displays, visitor's centres, exhibits and general park and campground development, including infrastructure. The files contain reports of consultants, contracts, and negotiations with stakeholders such as communities and tour operators. The files are organized by individual park or project. There is also a file describing the department's involvement with Hanging Ice Bison Ranch. There are also two 1992 videos promoting the Thelon and Kazan Rivers as canoeing destinations.

        The Economic and Industrial Series/Industry and Commerce Series (62 Block) dating from 1960-1987, includes files relating to Cooperatives, Arts and Crafts, Business Development, the Economic Development Agreement (EDA), the Canada - NWT Oil and Gas, Minerals Accord from the early 1990s. Foods, Settlements, Project Operations, Companies, Forestry, Marketing, Agricultural and Industrial Development-Financial Planning.

        The Employment Series (67 Block), dating from 1969-1983, includes committee records, community employment files, liaison with local industry files, liaison with other government agencies, local initiatives program files, Eskimo relocation files, apprenticeship program files, Manpower Needs Committee files, Employment of Native Northerners files, training programme files, and monthly reports by region.

        The Administration Series (68 Block), dating from 1978 includes material related to a Regional Superintendent's Conference.

        There are also records from the Loans and Grants Series (69 Block), dating from 1967-1986 and include files relating to the Small Business Loan Fund, Eskimo Loan Fund, Indian Loan fund, Assistance to Fisherman Policy and Correspondence, Tourism Development Grants and Promotion Grants.

        The records for the Fort Smith/South Slave Regional Office include Tourism Marketing Program Summary Package, Consumer & Travel Trade Show Staff Attendance manual, Division of the Northwest Territories Implementation Plan, records of the Regional Coordinating Committee for Fort Smith and the Senior Management Committee of Economic Development and Tourism, Tourism Marketing Services program records, reports, and correspondence. Other records document participation in the Tourism Training Group, NWT Arctic Tourism, and Deh Cho/Mackenzie Connection. There are also records relating to departmental logo and slogan, and reorganization and business planning.

        Also included in the textual material is a ledger recording fur sales between 1939-1969, a list of trading posts and outpost licenses that were issued in the Northwest Territories between 1962-1977, correspondence and applications for funding for economic development projects within the Northwest Territories, such as the Eskimo Dog Research Foundation and material relating to federal employment initiative programs, such as the Subsidized Term Employment Program (STEP). There is a series of reports and papers from the Planning and Resources Development Division concerning the development of renewable resources, such as northern minerals and oil, marketing plans and economic prospects for the NWT, the Cooperative (Co-op) movement and the Small Business Loan fund. In addition to reports and studies, there is policy material from this division, as well as committee files from the Resource Development Committee, Committee on Incentives for the Development of Remote Regions, Technical Committee of the Water Board, Transportation Standing Committee, Environmental Review Committee and the Norman Wells Impact Task Force. There is also promotional material, and tourism industry booklets produced by the Department, TravelArctic and other arms-length agencies. Additional records include Heritage River studies and reports and a feasibility study on a wild game processing plant. There is also a series of reports relating to fisheries from the 1990s.

        The photographs depict a Dene and Inuit arts and crafts display, as well as images of traditional Dene and Inuit games, which were exhibited during the 1976 Montreal Olympics. In addition, there are photographs of festivities that took place in Resolute to celebrate the establishment of Ellesmere Island National Park. In addition, there are slides generated by the Arts and Crafts program that depict beadwork, clothing quillwork and arts and crafts production within several communities in the Northwest Territories. The Betacam videocassette is a production entitled "Dene Arts and Crafts", which was produced by Swan Productions in conjunction with the Department of Economic Development and Tourism.

        The G-2007-025 accession consists of approximately 30 cm of reports, brochures and other textual material. The material mainly consists of policy guides, published reports and brochures. Topics range from tourism development, region economic studies, how to start your own business, venture capital grants, information on co-operatives, and information on trades. Notably this accession includes a guide on how to properly format the blue on white polar bear NWT logo for printing on promotional material.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Economic Development and Tourism (1977-1996)
        Fort Liard Band Council
        N-1992-053 · Accession · 1986

        The videocassettes consist of "Birch Bark Baskets" (English version) 21 min.; "Making a Birch Sled" (Slavey version) 21 min.; and "The Spruce Canoe" (English version) 21 min. The canoe was built by Johnny Klondike. The videos were filmed by Francine Betthale, produced by the Fort Liard Band Council, and funded by the GNWT Department of Culture and Communications and Dene Nation.

        Fort Liard Band Council
        N-2018-001 · Accession · 1967-1972

        Records include photographs taken by Hilah Simmons during several family trips to the Nahanni between 1967 and 1972. The photos depict camp life and handicrafts, including the construction of and travel in a moosehide boat in 1968.

        Simmons, Hilah Lende
        Thompson, Glenn
        N-1992-036 · Accession · [1983]

        These black and white negative images show Vivan McDermott and her mother, both of Fort Resolution, working on moose and caribou hair tuftings.

        Thompson, Glenn

        Records date from 1990-1999 and include files related to the marketing and promotion of northern arts in crafts in North America, Japan and Europe, and the role of the department in the development of the Master of the Arctic exhibit. The bulk of the records consist of strategic planning materials concerning public relations for the department, business planning files related to arts and crafts development in the communities, program planning files and objectives from Natural Resources section, Trade and Investment Division, and Arts and Crafts section, as well as an annual report from the Inuvik Region. In addition, there is Deputy Minister correspondence concerning the relationship between Economic Development and Tourism, Business Credit Corporation and NWT Development Corporation, briefing notes, files from senior management meetings and Premier Panel Meeting, the Arts and Crafts Committee and internal newsletters.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. Investment and Economic Analysis division

        Records include policy files, reports and studies, correspondence, and case files related to tourism, co-ops, arts and crafts, community stores and other business, and loan programs. The files were held by the Central Registry and include some records created by the department's predecessors, including the Department of Economic Development, the Department of Industry and Development, and records from the federal government.

        Records are from the Central Registry system, Economic and Industrial Series (62 Block) and include files relating to Co-operatives, Arts and Crafts, Business Development, Foods, Settlements, Project Operations, Companies, Forestry, Marketing, Agricultural and Industrial Development and Financial Planning.

        The images depict the arts and crafts display and the Dene and Inuit demonstrations that took place at the 1976 Olympics. In addition, there are two copies of a brochure entitled "1976 Olympics, Government of the N.W.T. Arts and Crafts" and an introduction to the demonstration of games, dancing and drumming performed at the 1976 Montreal Olympics.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Economic Development and Tourism. Arts and Crafts division
        N-1999-002 · Accession · 1997-1998

        Records include photographs taken by taken by Roberta McGregor when she was the adult educator at Sambaa K'e (Trout Lake). Photographs may have been used in "community book". There are a variety of scenic shots, community activities & handicrafts. Edward Jumbo is the man preparing a birch log for snowshoes making and working on preparation of tobaggon boards. The birch bark baskets were made by Norma Jumbo.

        McGregor, Roberta