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  • Here are entered works relating to formal meetings or a gathering of delegates for discussion and information exchange on a topic or discipline.

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  • PAASH 2020 edition

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    Conferences and conventions

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      Conferences and conventions

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      Conferences and conventions

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        Outcrop Audio Recordings
        N-2008-014 · Accession · [1978-1980]

        Records include:

        • 7 cassettes related to a sealing conference from 1978 (:0001-:0007);
        • 9 cassettes from the Legislative Assembly Special Committee on Education entitled Learning: Tradition and Change in the NWT (appear to be the same tape in various Indigenous languages) (:0008-:0016);
        • 1 cassette marked Laco Hunt Interview (:0017);
        • 7 cassettes related to a Nunavut Mining Symposium held in Cambridge Bay in 1998 (:0018-:0024);
        • 9 cassettes that appear to related to an Economic Prospects Conference held in Hay River in 1978 (:0025-:0033);
        • 1 cassette marked Former Commissioners Sept. 1979 (:0034);
        • 1 cassette marked The Drums – Jim Greene (:0035);
        • 1 Reel labelled: CBC Drumming / Peter Liske Drumming (:0036);
        • 1 Reel labelled Master Mixed Impulse version (:0037);
        • 1 Reel labelled: Recreation 1980 (Box says moose hide tanning) (:0038);
        • 1 Reel labelled: Expo Walk (:0039);
        • 1 Reel – no label but box marked: Travel Arctic – Explore Canada’s Arctic duplicate pulsed soundtrack (:0040).
        N-2006-002 · Accession · 1973-1975

        Records include photographs depicting the attendees of the annual meetings of Government of the Northwest Territories' foremen for 1973, 1974 and 1975. Each meeting member is identified including their position title and place of work. Employees from the communities of Enterprise, Fort Providence, Yellowknife, Pine Point, Fort Smith, Fort Simpson, Inuvik, Stagg River, Buffalo River, and Hay River are listed.

        N-1979-029 · Accession · [1955]

        The photo depicts the participants of a Game Wardens' conference held in the Yellowknife Elks Hall in 1955. In the front row, left to right: Frank McCall, Bob Douglas, Art Brown, Ward Stevens, Evan Essex, Louis Reese, R. C. (Tim) Timmins, and Kenneth Cooper. In the back row, left to right: Ernie Camsell, Art Look, P. Mandeville, Philip Bourque, O. F. (Aussie) Eliason, William Day, Graham Douglas.

        This accession consists of records relating to forest management in the Northwest Territories. The records include records of the NWT Forest Industry Conferences and Workshops (2005-2006) and records on timber supply, particularly in the Liard and Nahanni Butte region. The accession also contains some records of Federal/Provincial/Territorial work on timber supply.

        372 · Fonds · July 1977

        This fonds consists of one reel of colour 8 mm film (original master) of what was likely the Native Women's Association of the NWT first conference, held in July 1977. The film, approximately 175 feet in length, runs ten minutes. The film was transferred to Betacam (archival master) in 1997.

        Native Women's Association of the NWT
        G-2022-009 · Accession · 1981-1993
        Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Transportation fonds

        Records include materials relating to the organization and reorganization of the Department of Transportation, as well as its predecessor, the Department of Public Works and Highways. Also included are records relating to a conference hosted by the department, as well as minutes and meeting packages from the Senior Management Committee.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Transportation (1989-2017)
        348 · Fonds · 1987-1996

        This fonds consists of textual records, photographs, and maps generated by the workings of the Constitutional Development Steering Committee (CDSC). The fonds is divided into two series: Governance and Administration. The records include meeting packages and minutes, incorporation documents and bylaws, correspondence, staffing information, member group reports, workplans, community meeting and constitutional conference planning material and reports, Aboriginal Summit material, news releases, and publications.

        Constitutional Development Steering Committee
        G-1992-011 · Accession · 1980
        Part of Northwest Territories. Department of the Executive fonds

        Records consist of one letter addressed to George Braden in his capacity as Chairman of the Elected Members of the Executive Committee of the Government of the Northwest Territories; the letter is from Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau. It discusses the GNWT being given independent observer status at the conference of First Ministers to be held September 8-12, 1980.

        324 · Fonds · 1978-1979

        This fonds consists of approximately 4 cm of textual material produced by the Status of Women Committee and the ad hoc committee. The materials include: minutes of meetings; correspondence; copies of department submissions; recommendations of ad hoc committee members; a copy of the Plan of Action report and the response of the Executive; and materials from the "Breaking New Ground" Conference.

        Northwest Territories. Status of Women Committee (1976-1979?)

        Records include legislative review files for the Municipal Statutes Replacement Act, which included changes to the Charter Communities Act, the Hamlets Act, and the Cities, Towns and Villages Act. Records also include a file from a conference hosted by the Department of Municipal and Community Affairs about the impact of boom-bust economic development on infrastructure in northern communities.