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        415 · Fonds · 1965-2001, chiefly 1972-2001

        This fonds consists of 1.65 m of textual records and 44 photographs. The records document the activities of the Northwest Territories Council of the Boy Scouts of Canada/Scouts Canada from its formation in 1972 until 2001. The material has been artificially arranged into five series:

        • Planning, Policy, and Administration includes correspondence, minutes and reports related to the formation of the NWT Scout Council, strategic planning, bylaws, policies and procedures, contracts for services with the Alberta Council, and training of volunteers, as well as general chrono correspondence files.

        • AGMs and Executive Meetings includes agendas, minutes, and other materials related to Annual General Meetings and NWT Scout Council executive meetings.

        • Publications includes newsletters and reports published by the NWT Scout Council.

        • Regions and Local Groups includes documentation of interaction between the NWT Scout Council and regional councils and local scout groups; membership census records and group charters; RCMP returns detailing scouting activity in the communities; and photographs of local group meetings.

        • Projects and Events includes correspondence and reports related to service projects, badges, NWT jamborees, cuborees, regional camps and trips, and interaction between scout groups inside and outside the NWT, as well as photographs of service projects and camps.

        It was not possible to reconstruct a single original order for this fonds. It appears that the material was organized different ways at different times, and somefiles from earlier periods may have been carried over to later ones while others were not. In addition, some of the records arrived at the Archives as loose papers. The records have been artificially arranged for ease of access; the material has been organized by type/subject of records, while maintaining as much as possible of the order that was discernible.

        Boy Scouts of Canada. Northwest Territories Council
        Joan Ryan fonds
        143 · Fonds · 1957-1960

        This fonds consists of 154 duplicates of slides belonging to Joan Ryan. The original slides date from 1957-1960 and mainly feature Whatì [Lac La Martre], although Behchokǫ̀ [Fort Rae], Fort Smith, and Sugluk are also represented. Images include people of Whatì, and activities such as butchering moose, skin and hide preparation, and drying meat and fish.

        Ryan, Joan
        Maxine Colbourne
        N-2021-006 · Accession · 1959-1973

        Records include photographs taken by Maxine Colbourne during her time as a teacher in Aklavik and Inuvik, documenting Christmas celebrations, domestic scenes, her students and classrooms, outdoor activities (picnics, boat rides, sledding), views of buildings in Aklavik and Inuvik, and social and cultural activities (curling, dances, festivals and parades). Many of the images feature children who were likely her students. Also included are photographs of Daniel Norris, a 1963 trip to Fairbanks, Alaska for a curling tournament, visits to Duck Lake Reserve (possibly Beardy's and Okemasis Cree Nation, Duck Lake, Saskatchewan) in 1961 and 1964, a visit to Yellowknife, photographs of her young sons, and photographs from her time teaching. The photographs also document her classroom and students at Lower Post Residential School in British Columbia in 1968.

        Colbourne, Maxine
        McMeekan family fonds
        250 · Fonds · [1930-1960], [1975-1984], 1985

        This fonds includes records of the McMeekan family, including John "Jock" McMeekan, his wife Mildred (nee Hall) and niece Helene Acikahte (previously Giles, Henderson), dating from the 1930s to 1960, as well as an audio recording of Helene from 1985. The records consist of 5 reels of 8 mm film, 7 Umatic videocassettes copied from the films, 22 photographs, 3 DAT audiocassettes copied from the four original audiocassettes and 6 cm of textual records. These materials document their family and professional lives, including records relating to Jock's publishing and Mildred's teaching activities. The films probably date from 1939-1949, and feature family members, scenes of Yellowknife and environs and subjects such as treaty days, prospecting, and school events. The films were originally on 23 separate reels, however the Public Archives in Ottawa had the footage consolidated on five reels and copied onto 3/4 inch Umatic format videocassettes in 1986. The sound recordings consist of an interview with Helene (Giles) Henderson conducted by NWT Archivist David Rudkin on March 19, 1985 and Helene providing narration for the films. The 4 original cassettes were copied onto DAT cassettes in 1997 for preservation purposes and the audiocassettes are retained as original masters. The photographs show Jock McMeekan, Mildred Hall and other family members. The textual material consists of a typed early draft for a manuscript on the history of Yellowknife, a 325 page photocopied typewritten draft version of the book "Jock McMeekan's Yellowknife Blade", entitled "The Yellowknife Blade & other jottings" and a typed draft manuscript on material published in the newspaper "The Prospector", both written by Jock McMeekan.

        McMeekan (family)
        N-1990-004 · Accession · [1940?-1970?], copied 1989

        Records include photographs of the Holman region copied from the original images. The images primarily document people in the community and show traditional activities, camps and domestic life. In addition, there are images of the Roman Catholic mission, boats such as the "Mary", and priests Father Tardy and Father Metayer.

        G-2022-054 · Accession · 1995-2000

        This accession consists of a binder on a fire ecology camp for youth run by the Forest Management Division of the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. The binder includes job descriptions, information sheets, camp proposal, maps, correspondence with the Lutselk'e Band, service contracts, activities, schedules, activities sheets and forms, written reports, video outline, posters from previous years, background reference information, media contacts and letters, and a final report.

        School records
        429-S14 · Series · 1964-1983
        Part of Glick family fonds

        This series documents the public schooling experience of Harold and Zelda Glick's children (Murray, Jeffrey, Marilyn, and Leah) in Yellowknife, and includes report cards, school yearbooks and newsletters, programs for musical and theatrical performances, as well as correspondence from schools to parents

        Tremain family fonds
        106 · Fonds · [1914-1919], [1976-1988]

        This fonds consists of one photocopy of a typed manuscript written by Gwendoline Tremain-Runyard between 1976 and 1988 and 89 copy negatives that were reproduced from an album compiled by Lottie Tremain, during her stay in the Northwest Territories between 1914 and 1919. The photographs document the three Anglican Missions that Reverend W.S. Tremain worked at: Fort Norman, Fort Simpson, and Hay River. The images relate primarily to the mission buildings in each community, and the staff and pupils of St. Peter's Anglican Residential School at Hay River. Some photographs depict Anglican missionaries who visited these communities. In addition, there are images of the "S.S. Mackenzie River", and some of canoes, scows, mooseskin boats, and tugs that plied the Mackenzie River. There are also some images of Dene camps. The manuscript gives a brief history of her family, however, Gwendoline has advised the NWT Archives that later research has made her aware of inaccuracies in that history.

        Tremain (family)
        Velma Daws fonds
        208 · Fonds · 1959-1975

        This fonds consists of 8 cm of textual material which relate to Velma Daw's (nee MacDonald's) activities within the school system in Inuvik and which document her participation in community events. The accession includes: correspondence between Mrs. Daws and the Education Division of the Department of Northern Affairs and National Resources; correspondence between Mrs. Daws and the parents of her students; correspondence between Mrs. Daws and her former students who were living in residence at Grolier Hall and Stringer Hall. The accession also contains finger paintings and pencil drawings composed by her Grade I and Grade II students at Inuvik in 1959. There is one daily planning book for 1960-1961, which detail class plans and suggestions on class planning produced by the Education Division. There are also transcripts of two Inuit stories, "The Man who joined the Caribou", and "The Greedy Fisherman" which were related to Mrs. Daws by Charlie Smith in the early 1950s. The accession has been divided into three series, i) correspondence, ii) educational materials, iii) community activities\events.

        Daws, Velma
        Ray Ross fonds
        159 · Fonds · [1925-1926], [1937-194-?]

        This fonds consists of 224 black and white photographs and 1 16mm film reel (original master) and 1 betacam SP videocassette (archival master). The photos were taken primarily in the Tree River area circa 1925. Images include Inuit, camps, ships, and buildings. Many of the images are unidentified; however, some are of people from the Tree River area. There are many images of boats such as the "Margaret A" and the "Aklavik." The film is of Wop May on Reid Island in the 1940s. Other photos, primarily of his son Raymer and daughter Patricia, were taken by Ross while at Holman and Read Island. These date from 1937 to the early 1940s.

        Ross, Ray
        Reginae Tait fonds
        53 · Fonds · 1958-1969

        This fonds consists of 8 cm of correspondence from children that attended school in the following communities between 1958-1969: Aklavik, Arctic Bay, Baker Lake, Belcher Islands, Broughton Island, Cambridge Bay, Cape Dorset, Chesterfield Inlet, Clyde River, Coppermine, Coral Harbour, Eskimo Point, Frobisher Bay, Great Whale River, Hay River, Fort Franklin, Fort Liard, Fort Resolution, Fort Smith, Fort Wrigley, Igloolik, Inuvik, Ivuyivik, Lac La Martre, Nahanni Butte, Norman Wells, Payne Bay, Port Harrison, Povungnituk, Resolute Bay, Snowdrift, Spence Bay, Sugluk, Whale Cove and Yellowknife. The letters were written in thanks to the Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire (IODE) for books that were received by the children through the IODE Prize Books for Children of the Far North Project.

        Tait, Reginae
        N-2007-016 · Accession · [1920-1940, 1980]

        Images appear to be primarily from the Aklavik and Mackenzie Delta regions. Images include views of residential schools, school children, trapping cabins, dog sleds, furs and schooners. Images may include residential school in Hay River.

        Cournoyea, Nellie
        N-2003-003 · Accession · [1950-197-?]

        Records include photographs of Fort Resolution, Dettah, Ndilo, Lutselk'e and Camp Antler. The photos from Lutselk'e show the church, airport, scenery, barges, Peter Mercredi, summer camps, a wedding ceremony and communion ceremony. The images from Camp Antler show children and camping activities. The images from Detah and Ndilo include a winter picnic, snowmobiling, a house on Latham Island, wedding party, and views of the community. The remaining images are of Fort Resolution and include the mission sawmill, aerial views of the community, a bombardier, as well as the identified people from the following families: Fabeau, Beaulieu, Delorme, Marrec, McPherson, Lafferty, Sayine, Mandeville, Lisette, McKay, Erasmus, Lawrence, Balsillie, King, Schaeffer, Dow, Vuka, Michel and Edjericon.

        Marrec, Roger
        Frank Buckley collection
        N-2015-001 · Accession · 1938-1940

        Records include photographs documenting Francis (Frank) Leo Buckley's work freighting supplies on his scow in the Northwest Territories between 1938-1940. Also includes photographs of the Buckley family, who lived in Yellowknife between 1938-1942 in a house built by Frank Buckley in the Peace River Flats neighbourhood.

        Buckley, Frank
        Paul Trudel fonds
        373 · Fonds · 1920-1983

        This fonds consists of 223 b&w and colour photographs and 0.2 cm of textual records. The majority of the photographs were taken by Paul Trudel while he was in Fort Smith and the surrounding area in the 1920s. Officials of the government, including J.A. McDougal, N.W. Champagne, and Gerry Murphy, are prominently featured. Other photographs taken at the Slave River, Pine Lake or in Wood Buffalo National Park relate to the recreation activities and picnics of colleagues' families. Some of the photographs were taken in Yellowknife and the surrounding area in the 1940s. These photographs include family snapshots as well as prominent Yellowknife families and individuals, including Dr. Oliver Stanton, Father Gathy and Bishop Breynat. Several of the photographs document Paul Trudel's day to day activities at the district's mining recorder's office on Latham Island in Yellowknife. The textual material includes letters, one recipe card, a colour photocopy of a 1928? Waterways train schedule, a colour photocopy of a map showing the communities of the Mackenzie River valley, memorabilia including scanned copies of two Christmas cards, an engagement announcement from Edmonton Journal, and editions of the Yellowknife Blade newspaper (annotated by Paul Trudel), Vol. 1, No.3 and Vol. 1, No. 4.

        Trudel, Paul
        Mildred Young Hubbert fonds
        371 · Fonds · [194-] - 1984

        This fonds consists of 564 b&w and colour prints and 75 colour slides taken and collected by Mildred Young Hubbert while living in the Northwest Territories first as a schoolteacher, 1947-1950, and later as a school inspector in the late 1960s. The prints were originally part of photo albums created by then Mildred Young while a Yellowknife schoolteacher in the 1940s. The photographs include scenes from the schoolhouse on School Draw, students in classrooms, public health inoculations, blood donor clinics, Christmas pageants, and fashion shows. Photographs of Yellowknife include the construction of the Gerry Murphy Arena, the opening of the golf course, and scenes at the gold mines. A number of photographs were taken at Indian Village (Dettah), and feature Yellowknives Dene elders and youth. Photographs of the Kugluktuk (Coppermine) area identify Father Ebner and Inuit hunters. Many of the colour prints date from 1984 when Ms. Hubbert returned to Yellowknife for the city's fifty-year reunion celebration. The slides, taken in 1969, are of Fort Good Hope, and include photographs of school children and the community.

        Hubbert, Mildred Young
        232 · Fonds · 1936-1990

        This fond consists of 1.3 meters of textual material, 472 photographs, 2 film reels, 3 audio reels and 3 DAT audiocassettes. The records were created by the Girl Guides of Canada, Yukon and Northwest Territories Council, the Northwest Territories Council, and Local Associations throughout the Northwest Territories that were affiliated to these two councils. The records, which date from 1936 to 1990, have been divided into four series: textual, photographs, moving images and sound recordings.

        The textual records, which date from 1961 to 1990, include Minutes of Meetings (1972-1990), Reports (1961-1989), Newsletters (1966-1990), Regional Administration Files (1966-1982), Alphabetical File System (1965-1987), Northwest Territories Council Executive Correspondence (1967-1978), Northwest Territories Council Programme Files (1967-1989), Chronological Correspondence Files (1966-1984). Also included are some records generated by local district associations and divisions such as the Midnight Sun Division, the Keewatin Central Arctic Division, the Matonabbee District Council, the Slave Rapids District Council, the Eastern Arctic Division and the Yellowknife District Council. The records document the development of guiding programmes in the Northwest Territories. They also document the relationship between the Northwest Territories Council, the various Divisions and Local Associations in the Northwest Territories and the National Headquarters of the Girl Guides of Canada in Ottawa. Subjects include guiding programmes and activities in the north; trips to territorial, national and international camps by girls and leaders; and training programmes for guide leaders and guides, pathfinders and brownies. There is also information on the annual fund-raising event - the Girl Guide Cookie Week, and the operation of the Distribution Store located in Yellowknife.

        The photographic records include 472 photographs many of which were located in community file folders and miscellaneous envelopes. The photographs document brownie and guide meetings, enrollment ceremonies, trips to national and international guiding events, guide camps in the Northwest Territories, Annual General Meetings of the Northwest Territories Council and training sessions for guide\brownie leaders. There are also a number of images of special events such as the 65th and 70th Anniversary Celebrations of the Girl Guides of Canada.

        The fonds also includes two reels of 8 mm films taken in 1971 during a trip to Ottawa; 3 original master sound cassetes, 3 DAT audiocassettes and 3 audio reels which contain sound recordings that document the activities of guide and brownie packs, a training session and campfire for leaders, and an Inuktitut version of the Brownie law, promise and story. The sound recordings were produced at Pangnirtung, Fort McPherson, Broughton Island, Coppermine, Cape Dorset and Yellowknife.

        Girl Guides of Canada. Northwest Territories Council