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Boats and boating

Boats and boating

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Boats and boating

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Boats and boating

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Ships Logs

The textual records are comprised of Hudson's Bay Company Seasonal Log Books for their steamships, including the Distributor, the Great Bear, the Hearne Lake, the Hudson, and the Mackenzie River. The log books, either Deck or Engine Room logs, tracked information such as point of departure and destination, number of days on trips, fuel and oil consumption, and crew member information. The photograph is of a listing of names (on the back of a fur/bleached beaver hide) paying tribute to Victor Ingraham, who risked his life while fighting a fire aboard the schooner 'Speed' on October 25, 1933.

Hudson's Bay Company

Hudson's Bay Company fonds

  • 238
  • Fonds
  • 1932-1957

This fonds consists of approximately 1.4 m of textual material and 7 photographs. The textual material is made up of 5 bound Hudson's Bay Company (HBC) journals and one carbon copy of a journal, Seasonal Log books for their steamships. The journals are from the following HBC posts: King William Land, September 24, 1932 to November 10, 1933; Fort Hearne, August 14, 1930 to March 31, 1933; Fort Hearne, March 7, 1934 to January 5, 1935; Tree River, June 1, 1925 to May 31, 1926; and King William Land, June 1, 1930 to November 29, 1931. The carbon copy journal is for King William Land, and covers the period September 12, 1925 to April 30, 1940, except for the period covered by the above bound journals of that post. The Tree River journal was recorded by A. A. Carroll and Ray Ross. The steamship logs are either Deck or Engine Room logs for the Distributor, the Great Bear, the Hearne Lake, the Hudson, and the Mackenzie River. The photographs are of the participants of a Hudson's Bay Fur Trade Conferences of 1931, 1933 and 1937 held in Winnipeg and a list of names paying tribute to Victor Ingraham.

Hudson's Bay Company

Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre Archaeology Videos

There are five copies (VHS and Betamax) entitled "Drum Lake-Archaeology", (original number A1176015) which was produced by the Archaeology Section of the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre and Radio and Television Services (Department of Culture and Communications). These records are available in Tlicho with English subtitles (2 copies), Slavey and English. In addition, there is a Beta copy of "The Last Mooseskin Boat" in Slavey and two VHS copies of the video "Where Time Began" in Inuvialuktun and Gwich'in. "Where Time Began" was produced by the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Museums and Heritage division

Canada. Department of Marine and Fisheries

  • G-1985-505
  • Accession
  • 1906

This accession consists of the original and one copy of the 1906 Commanding Officer's Declaration.

Canada. Department of Marine and Fisheries

Sven Johansson fonds

  • 243
  • Fonds
  • 1935, 1966-1988

This fonds consists of 117 black and white copy negatives, 5 videocassettes in Umatic and Betacam format, 1 audio reel, 1 DAT audiocassette, 1 film reel, 1 blueprint and 1 folder of textual material. The fonds includes a variety of material relating to Sven Johansson's time in the north. These records include: a Umatic videocassette copy of Johansson's film entitled "Canadian Reindeer Project" and an audio reel containing narration for the film. The original audiocassette was copied to audio reel circa 1997. The audio reel is now the archival master. The 117 photographs show hunting and trapping activities and Johansson's boat the "North Star." In addition, there are 3 3/4" Umatic videocassettes documenting the Geological Survey of Canada charter of Johansson's boat the "North Star" in 1972 and one DAT audiocassette containing the narration for the videos. The textual material is made up of a manuscript for the choreography for the dance "Hunger," one photocopy of the typed manuscript "Canadian Reindeer Herd," both written by Johansson, as well as a copy of the Bill of Sale and Certificate of Record blueprint for the boat the "North Star." There is also a 16 mm black and white film entitled "Drum Dance" and a Betacam SP copy of "Drum Dance."

Johansson, Sven

Northwest Territories. Office of the Commissioner

This accession, collected by Commissioner Stuart M. Hodgson, consists of a variety of unrelated material. Included in the collection is the transcript of an interview between [Clarence?] Johnson and [?] Fogg. The subject of the interview is Mr. Johnson's work aboard the ships "Emma" and "Nigalik". Also included in the collection are 5 unrelated photographs. The photographs include images of: Herbert Charles Wilson, speaker of the NWT Legislative Assembly from 1883-1888, Gordon Robertson, Game Wardens at Fort Smith, the unveiling of a plaque at the Northern United Place in Yellowknife and the NWT Council.

Robert Duncan fonds

  • 228
  • Fonds
  • [1901-1942, 197-]

This fonds consists of 130 photographs and 2 cm of textual material. The photographic material is made up of 130 black and white negatives and prints. They include images of the Eldorado Mine at Echo Bay on Great Bear Lake, Consolidated Mining and Smelting Company (Con Mine), Hudson's Bay Company posts along the Mackenzie River and several types of marine transportation. Types of boats depicted include scows, sternwheelers, barges and tugboats. There are photographs of the "M.V. Hearne Lake", "Dease Lake", "Prospector", "Laird River", "S.S. Distributor", "S.S. Midnight Sun", "Great Bear", "M.V. Nechemus", "S.S. Northland Trader" and the "Silver Queen." Some photographs depict the traditional lifestyles of the Dene and Inuvialuit. There are also images of the following locations: Athabasca Landing, Yellowknife, Fort Franklin, Fort Norman, Fort McPherson, Fort Resolution, Fort Simpson and Fort Smith. In addition, there are 23 aerial photographs of communities in the Northwest Territories, which were taken by the Royal Canadian Air Force. The photographic material also consists of copies of images taken by C.W. Mathers, a professional photographer from Edmonton who toured communities along the Mackenzie River in 1901. The textual material includes one copy of the words of the song "Home in the North," two copies of a certificate stating that the recipient is a "...blood brother of Raymond the Raven," one laminated reprint of a Mackenzie River Transport schedule from 1939 and two copies of a Mackenzie River Transport Ltd. Sailing schedule for 1935.

Duncan, Robert

Tremain family fonds

  • 106
  • Fonds
  • [1914-1919], [1976-1988]

This fonds consists of one photocopy of a typed manuscript written by Gwendoline Tremain-Runyard between 1976 and 1988 and 89 copy negatives that were reproduced from an album compiled by Lottie Tremain, during her stay in the Northwest Territories between 1914 and 1919. The photographs document the three Anglican Missions that Reverend W.S. Tremain worked at: Fort Norman, Fort Simpson, and Hay River. The images relate primarily to the mission buildings in each community, and the staff and pupils of St. Peter's Anglican Residential School at Hay River. Some photographs depict Anglican missionaries who visited these communities. In addition, there are images of the "S.S. Mackenzie River", and some of canoes, scows, mooseskin boats, and tugs that plied the Mackenzie River. There are also some images of Dene camps. The manuscript gives a brief history of her family, however, Gwendoline has advised the NWT Archives that later research has made her aware of inaccuracies in that history.

Tremain (family)

Winona Orr Carruthers fonds

  • 11
  • Fonds
  • [197-?]

This fonds contains 0.6 cm of textual records, which consist of an 11 page photocopy of Winona Orr Carruthers' recollections of her time spent as a teacher at the Anglican Mission in Hay River, 1903-1909. These recollections were compiled by Linda deBalinhard and Karen Carruthers. Topics covered include descriptions of: the trip to Hay River from Edmonton by scow; Hay River; fishing; huskies; school life; the arrival of the annual steamer; and the Christmas season.

Carrothers, Winona

Robert C. Knights

The footage includes an RCMP in full dress uniforms, a boat trip down the MacKenize River in the Aklavik II, dog team journeys and removal of a body from the bush. Also an aerial tour, views of pingos, waterfalls, barges and cliffs along a river. A Beech 18 CF-MPI, and an RCMP airplane.

Yellowknife Museum Society

The images include mine sites, Arctic Red River in 1925, river transportation, a hand coloured photo of Fort Simpson taken by C. W. Mathers, circa 1901, the Ingraham hotel, 1947, reindeer at Richard Island and a rock inscribed "S. Hearne, July 1767." They were collected from a variety of sources.

Richard Baines fonds

  • 218
  • Fonds
  • 1938-1944

This fonds consists of 411 photographs and 2 folders of textual material. The images depict the communities of Yellowknife, Fort Smith and Fort Hearne. In addition, there are photographs of the "Distributor" (ship) and the "Northland Echo" (ship), construction of the Alaska Highway, logging and winter freighting, particularly the use of tractor trains in the Yellowknife area during the late 1930s. Also included are hand-coloured photographs of vessels, produced for Mackenzie River Transport. The textual material includes Mackenzie River Transport schedules of sailings for 1939 and 1941, a Mackenzie Air Service schedule from 1938, a 10 page narrative on Baines' trip, a typed manuscript for a magazine article (a travelogue by R.H. Baines of his trip from Edmonton to Coppermine and the use of sleigh trains in the north) and a letter of introduction for Baines from H. W. Hayter of Mackenzie Air Service, Ltd.

Baines, Richard

Rex Terpening

The sound recording contains an interview conducted by Rex Terpening with Charles Reiach, a trader who worked for the Hudson's Bay Company and lived in the Northwest Territories in the late 1920s and 1930s. Topics discussed include the use of schooners on the Mackenzie River, the village of Kittiagsauit, Baille Island, whaling, the salvage operation for the "James," a journey from Herschel Island in 1934, and a recounting of a legend that involved a massacre that occurred at Arctic Red River.

Ray Ross fonds

  • 159
  • Fonds
  • [1925-1926], [1937-194-?]

This fonds consists of 224 black and white photographs and 1 16mm film reel (original master) and 1 betacam SP videocassette (archival master). The photos were taken primarily in the Tree River area circa 1925. Images include Inuit, camps, ships, and buildings. Many of the images are unidentified; however, some are of people from the Tree River area. There are many images of boats such as the "Margaret A" and the "Aklavik." The film is of Wop May on Reid Island in the 1940s. Other photos, primarily of his son Raymer and daughter Patricia, were taken by Ross while at Holman and Read Island. These date from 1937 to the early 1940s.

Ross, Ray

Bill Stewart fonds

  • 179
  • Fonds
  • 1981

This fonds consists of 96 copy photographs and slides taken by Bill Stewart of the Mooseskin Boat Project in 1981. The photographs were selected out of 180 of Bill Stewart's photographs. The images include the different phases of the boat under construction, the people involved in the project and views of the boat's trip from the point of construction at the head of the Keele River to Fort Norman.

Stewart, Bill

Dawson Museum and Historical Society

  • N-1988-030
  • Accession
  • [between 194- and 195-]

This accession consists of eight black and white prints that were taken either at, or in the vicinity of, Kittiyakyut (Kittigazuit) in the Mackenzie Delta. They appear to date from the mid 1940s to the late 1950s. Kittiyakyut was a traditional whaling camp for the Inuvialuit who occupy the Delta. The images depict scows, tugboats, stages used to dry whale meat, and some of the Inuvialuit who occupied the region. Locations include Whitefish Point (Nalruriam Nuvuaq), Whitefish Station (Nalruriak), and Kittigazuit (Kittiyakyut).

Albert Faille fonds

  • 38
  • Fonds
  • [1950-1970]

This fonds consists of 26 photographs and one file of personal correspondence. The correspondence is primarily from Albert Faille's son. The photographs include images of the Nahanni Region, Albert Faille, Jean and Hal Bennett and Faille's son.

Faille, Albert

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