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        Binder film collection
        N-2011-001 · Accession · [195-? - 196-?]

        The films were largely shot by Otto Binder and depict life in the Beaufort Delta region, and the community of Reindeer Station in particular. Footage of travel by water, as well as reindeer herding activities feature prominently. Shots of family and community life are also within the collection.

        Binder (family)
        G-1979-062 · Accession · [1922-1937]
        Part of Canada. Department of the Interior fonds

        The records are reproductions of federal government issues. Originally a collection of over 2,000 lantern slides reproduced from various federal departmental sources, the majority did not relate to the Northwest Territories and were forwarded to the National Archives of Canada in 1990. Images include: women at Aklavik (1922); cattle near Fort Smith; Harry Snyder at Nahanni National Park (1937); reindeer on Richards Island (1937); and views of various animals at Wood Buffalo National Park.

        G-1979-048 · Accession · 1925-1927
        Part of Canada. Department of the Interior fonds

        The textual material comprises an incomplete copy of L.T. Burwash's report entitled, "The Eskimo, Their Country and Its Resources: Economic Survey of the East Coasts of Hudson Bay and James Bay from Richmond Gulf to Rupert House, Including the Belcher and Other Adjacent Islands," Ottawa, Dept. of the Interior, 1927. (Typewritten.) The report contains a diary of the trip taken by Burwash, descriptions of Inuit life, food supplies, clothing, health, the influence of trading posts, housing conditions, and mineral and animal resources in the region. Much of the report focuses on the Inuit in the regions around Little Whale River and the Belcher Islands. Included in this report were photographs of communities along the eastern coast of Hudson Bay and James Bay and eight maps. The mounting of the photographs in this report suggests that this copy was a draft produced before its final publication.

        The sound recordings consisted of lectures delivered as part of the "Science History and All That" lecture series. :0001 - In December 1979, George Calef, part of the Government of the Northwest Territories Game Branch lectured on the topic of caribou. :0002 - In February 1980, Dr. Walter O. Kupsh spoke on the topic of "Discovery and Mining of Uranium." Dr. Kupsh, a member of the Carruthers Commission from 1965-1966, also served as a member of the Science Advisory Board. :0003 - In September 1980, Constable M.J. (Joe) Olsen lectured on the topic of the "St. Roch." Joe Olsen was a crewmember of the "St. Roch" in the 1920s. :0004 - Photographer and historian Richard Finnie lectured on "The Truth about the Canol Project". Richard Finnie was employed as the northern advisor and historian to the United States Army Engineers constructing the Canol Project from 1940-1942. :0005 - In January 1981, Doug Heard of the NWT Wildlife Services spoke on "Caribou: Sex and Death Where the Nights are Long". :0006 - In February of 1981, Dr. Otto Schaefer lectured on "Native Food Resources and Traditional Dietary Habits: Their Value from a Nutritional and Medical Viewpoint and the Effect on the Health Picture of Native Populations Observed Consequent to Rapid Change of their Traditional Dietary Habits." Dr. Schaefer was a physician in Aklavik, Pangnirtung and the Yukon prior to founding the Northern Medical Research Unit in Edmonton. :0007 - In April 1981, Anne Gunn lectured on "Men and Musk ox". Anne Gunn, a member of the Canada Wildlife Service from 1973 to 1978, joined the NWT Wildlife Service in 1978.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Justice and Public Services. Museums and Heritage division
        Terry Lines fonds
        402 · Fonds · 1966-1976

        This fonds contains photographs of a variety of northern communities, landmarks, activities and wildlife encountered by Terry Lines during his career as Game Officer and Superintendent of Fish and Wildlife between 1966 -1976. All photographs are colour, the mastercopies are slides.

        Lines, Terry
        Sven Johansson fonds
        243 · Fonds · 1935, 1966-1988

        This fonds consists of 117 black and white copy negatives, 5 videocassettes in Umatic and Betacam format, 1 audio reel, 1 DAT audiocassette, 1 film reel, 1 blueprint and 1 folder of textual material. The fonds includes a variety of material relating to Sven Johansson's time in the north. These records include: a Umatic videocassette copy of Johansson's film entitled "Canadian Reindeer Project" and an audio reel containing narration for the film. The original audiocassette was copied to audio reel circa 1997. The audio reel is now the archival master. The 117 photographs show hunting and trapping activities and Johansson's boat the "North Star." In addition, there are 3 3/4" Umatic videocassettes documenting the Geological Survey of Canada charter of Johansson's boat the "North Star" in 1972 and one DAT audiocassette containing the narration for the videos. The textual material is made up of a manuscript for the choreography for the dance "Hunger," one photocopy of the typed manuscript "Canadian Reindeer Herd," both written by Johansson, as well as a copy of the Bill of Sale and Certificate of Record blueprint for the boat the "North Star." There is also a 16 mm black and white film entitled "Drum Dance" and a Betacam SP copy of "Drum Dance."

        Johansson, Sven
        G-1988-012 · Accession · 1987-1988
        Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

        The sound recordings contain interviews conducted with Sven Johansson in March 1987 and March 1988. Included among this material is: (:0001) one reel to reel recording of the March 1987 interview, (:0002) one reel to reel recording of the March 1988 interview, and typed transcripts of the March 1987 interview. Mr. Johansson managed the reindeer herd in the western arctic from 1963-1968 and subsequently worked as a trapper until 1973.

        Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Museums and Heritage division. NWT Archives
        G-1992-044 · Accession · [1970?-1986?]
        Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications fonds

        Many of the sound recordings are poorly identified. Sound recordings include soundtracks for films, interviews, special effect sounds, Inuit throat singing, and government programs such as the series entitled "Behind Closed Doors - A Series on Spousal Assault in the Northwest Territories" and "So You Want to Start Your Own Business". The moving images include copies of: "You Can't Grow Potatoes Up There"; "Koukdjuak Crossing: Caribou Tagging on Baffin Island"; "Bathurst Inlet Caribou" (may also be titled: "To Have Forever: Hunting the Bathurst Caribou Herd"); "Nikko Island", "Wood Bison"; "Kellett's Storehouse"; "Yellowknife"; "Caribou"; "Heritage Centre Spots"; "Kissiliriyeet"; "Gordon Lake"; "Decisions"; "Future"; and "Anik Info Spots" (air prints). The helical scan videos consists of a Keewatin Economic Development Conference and the film "Hire North".

        Northwest Territories. Department of Culture and Communications. Radio and Television Services division
        22 · Fonds · 1931-1956

        This fonds consists of 12 cm of textual material which includes: a set of Interdepartmental Reindeer Committee minutes (1932-1941); an index for these minutes; a journal probably kept by Peter Kaglik at the reindeer experimental station at Aklavik (1938-1944); some miscellaneous financial records from an experimental station (1943-1944); a permit to enter the Kittigazuit Reindeer Grazing Reserve (1950); a variety of reindeer bulletins issued by federal departments (1931-1956); and a chronological history of activities concerning reindeer.

        Canada. Inter-departmental Reindeer Committee
        Ralph Edwards fonds
        124 · Fonds · 1930-1934

        This fonds consists of 26 black and white prints. The images show Chipewyan shelters in the Fort Resolution area, fox pelts hanging behind the Northern Traders post in Fort Resolution, the graves of John Hornby, Edgar Christian and Harold Adelard, a Dene summer camp on the Taltson River, Dene women with caribou tanning frame and caribou.

        Edwards, Ralph
        Ray Ross fonds
        159 · Fonds · [1925-1926], [1937-194-?]

        This fonds consists of 224 black and white photographs and 1 16mm film reel (original master) and 1 betacam SP videocassette (archival master). The photos were taken primarily in the Tree River area circa 1925. Images include Inuit, camps, ships, and buildings. Many of the images are unidentified; however, some are of people from the Tree River area. There are many images of boats such as the "Margaret A" and the "Aklavik." The film is of Wop May on Reid Island in the 1940s. Other photos, primarily of his son Raymer and daughter Patricia, were taken by Ross while at Holman and Read Island. These date from 1937 to the early 1940s.

        Ross, Ray

        This accession consists of 2.8 cm of textual records produced by the Wildlife Division of the Department of Resources, Wildlife and Economic Development. Also includes files from the Department of Renewable Resources. Textual files consist of documents relation to the Thelon Management Plan, including reports, meeting minutes, background information, and briefing notes.

        The reports date from 1997-2006 and relate to animals and flora, specifically caribou, wood bison, muskox, dolphins and black spruce trees. Topics cover wildlife management, migration, calving grounds, population distribution, wildfires and seasonal movements and migration.

        G-1992-014 · Accession · [198-?]
        Part of Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources fonds

        One series of posters documents the NWT Winners for the annual National Wildlife Week Poster Contest, another series warns of the dangers of bears. A third series relates to Wildlife Regulations on hunting and the export of animals/pelts/meat outside the Northwest Territories. The Wildlife Ordinance posters are often duplicated to allow for the use of the following four languages: English, French, Syllabics and Inuktitut (Roman Orthography).

        Northwest Territories. Department of Renewable Resources. Field Services division
        John Knox fonds
        64 · Fonds · 1929-1975

        This fonds consists of 184 black and white photographs and 11 diaries dated between 1953 to 1975. The images depict a variety of locations that Knox traveled to while working as a trapper and when working as a Game Warden in Fort Smith. Images include Inuit and Inuvialuit from Bathurst Inlet and Devon Island, a trip to the Thelon Game Sanctuary, hunting, fishing and trapping activities, travel by dogsled and canoe, views of wildlife, camps, Hudson's Bay Company Posts and the communities of Baker Lake, Rocher River, Fort Providence and Hay River. The diaries' entries note weather conditions, Knox's day-to-day activities and wildlife he observed while working in Fort Smith as a Game Warden.

        Knox, John
        Northern Ephemera collection
        N-1998-026 · Accession · [189-?]

        This accession consists of several prints (plate illustrations) of explorers, colour illustration of "arctic fauna" (German titling), colour illustration of "Eskimoes of Hudson's Bay", letter from Sir Clement Markham (3 Feb. 1898) , copy of a "Notice to Mariners frequenting Davis Strait.